Put a Cow In Your Tank

it doesn't sound nearly as catchy as the old Esso tiger in the tank, but this is for real. Evidently every cow that is slaughtered generates 200 pounds of tallow, which was used for frying and making food products until the transfat panic hit. Now Green Earth Technologies is turning it into motor oil. This seems like a good idea, particularly for all those two-stroke outboard motors still out there. Their chairman and CTO says "“Two-cycle engines are a significant source of air pollution, Our 2-cycle oil will have an immediate positive effect on the air that American gardeners and recreational engine users are breathing in their backyard while they trim their hedges and mow their lawns."

They are a bit over the top with their buzzwords like "Save the Earth- Sacrifice Nothing" and "TOTALLY GREEN products made entirely from American Grown Base Oils that now puts the power of patent pending nanotechnology (doing more with less) and dehydrogenation into the hands of environmentally concerned consumers everywhere."- changing your oil is not changing the world, but it is a start. ::Sustainable is Good

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