Learn about ecosystems, wildlife, oceans, clean water, and air quality – and what we can do to protect the planet.
    Reverse Vending Machine
    England Is Finally Getting a Deposit Return Scheme for Some Bottles
    A man carries a little boy on his shoulders, both laugh happily. Solar panels and plants can be seen in the background.
    The Keeling Curve Prize Is Awarding 10 Climate Solutions $50,000—Here's How to Apply
    little girl buries compostable plastic cup in compost bin
    Home Compostable Plastics Are Too Good to Be True
    Close Up Of Scattered Pink Glitter With Bottle On Table - stock photo
    What Is Glitter? Environmental Impact and Sustainable Alternatives
    Crowded street in New York
    Let's Talk About 'Induced Distance' Instead of 'Induced Demand'
    Myles Stubblefield stands in front of his dog training and worm business
    Got Dog Poop? Let This Vermicomposting Success Story Inspire You
    Cube in park
    CAKE Is Going to Build the Cleanest Dirt Bike Ever
    Hummer EV
    Heavy Electric Pickups Are a Safety Concern, Says NTSB Head
    disposable plastic fork on the ground
    England Is Banning Single-Use Plastic Cutlery and Plates
    Emperor Penguins in Antarctica
    65% of Antarctica's Plants and Wildlife Will Decline by 2100, Study Finds
    fossil fuel fumes
    Is Uncertainty Now Our Friend in the Climate Fight?
    Commerce Photo Composite
    The 8 Best Bike Saddle Bags of 2023
    Earth's Ozone
    Ozone Hole Is Slowly Healing Thanks to the Montreal Protocol
    Aerial view of plastic water bottles
    Scientists Used Lasers to Transform Plastic Into Tiny Diamonds
    do not hve a gas stove on an island
    US Considers Gas Stove Regulations as Research Mounts on Indoor Air Pollution Risks
    businessman works on smartphone while commuting to work on a city bus
    How to Go Green: Commuting
    Cigarette butts on beach
    Tobacco Companies to Pay for Cigarette Butt Pollution in Spain
    e-bike in city
    This CAKE E-Cargo Bike Can Carry Your Anvils to Adrigole
    A young plant appears to sprout from an open book
    Eco Terms A to Z
    Young rich blonde female entering a private airplane parked on an airport tarmac.
    Calls for Taxing Private Jets of the Superrich Are Getting Louder
    All spacecraft that land on Mars eject equipment – like this protective shell – on their way to the Martian surface.
    Mars Is Littered With 'Much More' Than 16,000 Pounds of Human Trash
    composition of aluminium foil, cut avocado in beeswax wrap, and berries spilled out of brown paper bag
    How to Store Leftovers Without Plastic
    Biking in Melbourne
    Biggest Barrier to Biking Is the Fear of Cars
    Close up side shot of microplastics on human finger.
    The Unlikely Solution to Microplastic Pollution: Magnets?
    Aerial view of a Bai (saline, mineral lick) in the rainforest of the Congo Basin.
    Oil, Gas Exploration and Deforestation Threaten Africa's Great Carbon Sink
    Urban Arrow in City
    2022 in Review: The Year E-Cargo Bikes Took Over
    Side view of a blue Nissan Leaf
    The (Wonderful) Downside of Electric Cars
    Deforested peatlands in Indonesian Borneo
    What Are Carbon Sinks? How Do They Impact Climate Change?
    Flames from the Rocky Fire approach a house on July 31, 2015 in Lower Lake, California.
    Study: Migration Heating Up in Fire-Prone Regions
    Man carrying Christmas tree on snow covered farm against sky
    Drought Threatens Future Christmas Tree Supply
    Boston skyscrapers at dusk
    The 10 Windiest Cities in the U.S.
    Plastic disposable food containers
    What Are Bioplastics? Overview and Impacts
    Brazilian Araucaria plant shows fractals in nature
    9 Amazing Fractals Found in Nature
    majestic old oak giving shade to a spring meadow with the sun peeking through
    Hardwood Trees: Identifying the Most Common Species
    No more flying like this
    The Rich Emit More Carbon Just Flying Than Most Do Just Living
    Huge Forest Fire in Red Pine Forests
    What's the Difference Between Global Warming and Climate Change?
    Family biking in the forest
    The 8 Best Bike Accessories of 2023
    Happy woman takes a walk in nature
    15 Resolutions You Could Make for a Happier, Lower-Impact 2023
    Weather forecast on a phone
    Where to Find the Most Accurate Weather Forecast
    Yellow poplar tree with tulip-like flowers
    Identifying the Yellow Poplar Tree
    Why Manchineel Might Be Earth's Most Dangerous Tree
    Full Frame Shot of Pine Trees in Forest
    13 Most Common North American Pine Species
    A cluster of oyster mushrooms
    Plastic-Eating Mushrooms: Species, Benefits, Impact
    Solitary linden
    American Basswood: Description and Site Conditions
    Blooming Pink Japanese Cherry or Sakura Flowers (Prunus Serrulata or Kanzan)
    Kwanzan Cherry Tree: Description, Cultivars, and Tree Care
    Palmately compound leaves of Victoria creeper composed of five leaflets
    The Ultimate Guide to Simple and Compound Tree Leaves
    Red maple leaves against an overcast sky.
    Identify the 5 Most Common Maple Trees
    Detail shot of a Juniper with blue berries in fall.
    Identifying Juniper Trees and Shrubs
    A close-up of a grapevine leaf with yellow and brown patches infected by grapevine fungal disease downy mildew.
    32 Common Tree Diseases
    Best EV Conversion Companies of 2022
    Best EV Conversion Companies
    Footwear decisions
    Your Guide to Recycling Sneakers, Sandals, and Other Shoes
    electric vehicle charging
    Will Rising Battery Prices Create a Barrier to Entry for EVs?
    couple stand in sun rays piercing thick forest of tall trees
    What Is Forest Bathing? Benefits and How to Practice Shinrin-Yoku
    Trucks just get bigger and bigger
    The US Has a Pedestrian Safety Crisis Thanks to Bigger Vehicles
    American Basswood tree with yellow spiky flowers and dark green leaves.
    How to Identify American Basswood Trees
    A Lightyear 0 in an empty space
    Lightyear 0 Is a Solar-Powered Car You Can Drive for Months Without a Charge
    Amazon River, Near Belem
    12 Fascinating Facts About the Amazon River
    Jaguar Lying On Wood In Forest
    What Is an Umbrella Species? Definition and Examples
    starry sky over New Zealand
    New Zealand Aims to Become World's Largest 'Dark Sky Nation'