Learn about ecosystems, wildlife, oceans, clean water, and air quality – and what we can do to protect the planet.
    E-scooters for rent
    Study: E-Scooters Slash Emissions and Reduce Congestion
    cars waiting to be loaded into Ro-Ro ship
    The Auto Industry Alone Will Blow the 1.5-Degree Carbon Budget
    A bunch of men at COP27 decide the future of 1.5
    The 1.5-Degree Climate Goal Is As Essential As Ever
    High Angle View Of Garbage At Dumping Ground
    'A Poison Like No Other' Makes You Think Twice About Plastic
    A Forest Is Born
    What Is Afforestation? Definition, Examples, Pros, and Cons
    2024 Volvo EX90
    Meet Volvo's New All-Electric Flagship SUV
    Woman harvesting environmentally friendly fertilizer from bio waste using diy bokashi.
    Bokashi Composting: Step-by-Step Guide
    City of Yakutsk, Russia, at winter dusk
    9 of the Coldest Places in the World to Live
    Best Electric Bike Insurance
    Best Electric Bike (EBike) Insurance Companies
    tree planter at work
    'The Land Gap' Report Shows Land Is Lacking to Fulfill Climate Pledges
    woman photographs rainbow of city of Naples, Italy
    Climate Change to Boost Global Rainbow Rate
    woman and child on bikes in New York Citry
    Electric Cars Are Not the Only Option for Low-Carbon Transport
    Tourists taking photos of an enormous flower that towers over them all
    10 of the Largest Living Things on the Planet
    Activists March Across Brooklyn Bridge Demanding Funding For Excluded Workers In NY State Budget
    Study Calls for a Carbon Tax on the 1% to Tackle the Climate Crisis
    Silicone kitchen implements and bakeware in bright colors
    Is Silicone Biodegradable?
    Cleaning with a kitchen towel
    The 9 Best Alternatives to Paper Towels of 2022
    Lanrick Bennett on the Bentway
    Every City Needs a Bike Mayor
    Bicyclists on Park Avenue in New York City
    Here's How Drivers Can Be Allies to Cyclists and Nonmotorized Traffic
    Best EV Conversion Companies of 2022
    Best EV Conversion Companies
    organic farmer hoeing plants
    Why Land Use Is Such an Important Issue for Our Times
    View of The Window in the Chisos Mountains in Big Bend National Park
    Explore Dinosaur Fossils, Wildflowers, and Dark Skies at Big Bend National Park
    Sign at a gas station of gasoline over $4.00 per gallon.
    13 Eco-Conscious Ways to Save Money on Gas
    really crowded sidewalk in New York
    Pedestrians Are Taking Back the Streets
    Pouring yellow antifreeze
    Can Antifreeze Be Recycled? How to Dispose of Antifreeze Safely and Responsibly
    Please mind the gap
    Emissions Gap Report Calls for Rapid Transformation of Societies
    A permeable parking lot with grass growing between pavers.
    What Is Hardscaping? Is It Sustainable?
    kids dressed for recycling
    Recycling Is Beyond Fixing, So Let's Get Over It
    Sicilian coffee
    Why We Need to Start Drinking Coffee Like Italians
    Maybe two of those bottles, the clear ones, will be recycled.
    Greenpeace Report Confirms That Recycling Rate Is Getting Worse
    Poco da Ribeira do Ferreiro waterfalls on Flores Island, Azores. Awesome forest and falls
    Planet Earth
    View from tent to the mountain
    car crash
    Why Don't People Care About Climate Change?
    Wind turbines
    Emissions Expected to Grow Only 1% in 2022
    Robert Sansone with his project
    17-Year-Old Designs Greener Motor That Could Revolutionize EVs
    Fast Speedboat
    What Do Riverkeepers Do? History and Environmental Policy
    Corn growing between trees in Kiambu County, Kenya. Low angle view.
    NGO Reports ‘Deadly Decade’ for Environmental Defenders
    Dragonfly resting
    Dragonfly Hyperscooter Is a 4-Wheeled Hyper E-Thing
    lemon, banana, carrots, and oranges peeled on a white marble kitchen counter
    20 Uses for Leftover Fruit and Vegetable Peels
    a busy atlantic avenue subway station underground in new york city
    10 Reasons Why You Should Use Public Transport
    Person holding a bike lock
    The 8 Best E-Bike Locks to Keep Your Ride Safe
    car in a parking lot getting charged
    Biden Administration Approves EV Charging Station Plans Covering 75,000 Miles of Highways
    high angle view of plastic pollution
    Scientists Discover Surprising Remedy to Plastic Pollution: Caterpillar Spit
    EasyJet planes on a runway
    EasyJet Ditches Carbon Offsetting in Favor of Actually Cutting Emissions
    Cardboard moving boxes piled on a wood floor.
    How to Recycle Moving Boxes: Cardboard, Plastic, and Wooden Crates
    A woman pours fuel (CNG gas) into the car. Germany
    What Is CNG Fuel? Understanding Natural Gas Vehicles
    Hurricane fiona Puerto Rico
    Hurricane Fiona Is a Cautionary Tale For the Caribbean
    View of Brazil's Amazon rainforest
    26% of Amazon Rainforest Is at Tipping Point, Study Finds
    Bo against concrete
    The Bo E-Scooter and Docking Station Is a Reinvention of a Troubled E-Thing
    Peruvian Amazon destruction
    Oil Company Threatens Amazon Reserve for Isolated Indigenous Tribes
    Best E-Bike Conversion Kits
    The 6 Best E-Bike Conversion Kits of 2022
    A hand holding a phone with an Uber app open.
    Uber to Exclusively Offer Electric Vehicles by 2030
    Ford BlueCruise System
    Ford's New App Is an Exercise in Victim Blaming
    Lectric Bike
    The Affordable Lectric XP Lite 'E-Thing' Changed My Thinking
    Drive Unit of an Electric Vehicle
    Do Electric Cars Have Transmissions?
    Air Canada electric hybrid aircraft
    Air Canada Electrifies Its Lineup With Hybrid Planes
    The Amazon rainforest in Brazil
    10 Largest and Most Biodiverse Forests on Earth
    Woman locking bike to rack
    The 10 Best Bike Racks of 2022
    permafrost in the snow high icy land,
    What Is Permafrost? Definition, Types, and Examples