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    Rocky the pitbull mix smiles for the camera
    Why Do Pit Bulls Have Such a Bad Reputation?
    Photograph of honey bees in a hive
    Here is What’s Happening to US Honey Bees
    Sunflower van conversion Dyllan interior
    Woman Leaves Corporate World For Van Life and Rescue Dogs
    Thinx period underwear on a mannequin
    Thinx Settles Lawsuit Alleging Its 'Nontoxic' Underwear Contain Harmful Chemicals
    Bastion House
    How to Understand the Scale of Embodied Carbon
    kids in a tree fort
    Create a Garden That Grows With Your Family
    eggs on a conveyor belt
    New Gene-Edited Hen Could Prevent Slaughter of Billions of Male Chicks
    Mazda and an A-Frame
    Mazda's Electric Car Gets a Rotary Range Extender
    LED Bulbs
    US Government to Crank Lightbulb Efficiency Up to 120 Lumens Per Watt
    A row of blooming Bradford pear trees along a wooden fence
    Ohio Bans the Sale of Once-Beloved Pear Trees
    Pickup Truck doing work
    The Comeback of Small Cars and Trucks Is Good for Everyone
    A green smoothie with spirulina, cocoa, and blueberries
    Algae Could Supply Sustainable Protein to a Changing World
    caterpillars eating a cabbage leaf
    Why I Want Some 'Pests' in My Organic Garden
    Food Inflation Continues To Increase With Eggs Costing 38% More Than A Year Ago
    The Egg Shortage Reflects a Cruel, Unsustainable System
    Moving Parts
    'Moving Parts' Exhibit at Toronto's Interior Design Show Spotlights Tackling Climate Through Design
    could this be decarbonized?
    New Sublime Process Decarbonizes Cement With Low-Carbon Lime
    Spider House by UID Architects interior
    This Unconventional Wood-Clad Residence Features Indoor Terraces
    Reverse Vending Machine
    England Is Finally Getting a Deposit Return Scheme for Some Bottles
    A man carries a little boy on his shoulders, both laugh happily. Solar panels and plants can be seen in the background.
    The Keeling Curve Prize Is Awarding 10 Climate Solutions $50,000—Here's How to Apply
    little girl buries compostable plastic cup in compost bin
    Home Compostable Plastics Are Too Good to Be True
    A couple saves energy by hanging up their laundry to air dry in the garden outside.
    15 Things You Can Do at Home to Help Solve Climate Change
    Crowded street in New York
    Let's Talk About 'Induced Distance' Instead of 'Induced Demand'
    Myles Stubblefield stands in front of his dog training and worm business
    Got Dog Poop? Let This Vermicomposting Success Story Inspire You
    The Black and White Building
    London's 'Black and White' Building Is Complete—and It's a Knockout
    grandfather and grandson watering plants in garden
    Where We Live Affects Who We Are
    A wildly starry night sky over mountains
    Stars Are Disappearing From Sight at an Astonishing Rate
    A crow on a rock
    Crows Have a Human-Like Grammar Skill, Scientists Find
    A forest of glulam
    Architects Need to Consider Human Health When Designing Any Structure
    Corner renovation by Panda Studio Architecture interior
    Small Home Renovation Includes Ingenious Indoor-Outdoor Kitchen
    Skinny glass towers on Billionaires' Row, New York City
    What Really Matters in Multi-Story Design? A New Study Looks at It All
    Yet another baby with gas stove and no exhaust hood
    America's Gas Stove Freak-Out Is a Culture War, Not a Scientific Disagreement
    woman reading in a cozy garden
    The Importance of Scale in a Garden
    shadowy picture of man in shower
    Could You Start Having 4-Minute Showers?
    Cube in park
    CAKE Is Going to Build the Cleanest Dirt Bike Ever
    Porter shipping container house by Bob's Containers exterior
    Rentable Shipping Container House Comes With Roof Deck and Garage Door
    sand dollars at the bottom of the ocean
    Sea Urchins Keep Surviving as Marine Life Deteriorates in the Florida Keys
    Was Roman Concrete Especially Durable or Is Modern Concrete Exceptionally Crappy?
    measuring a garden path
    Why It's Crucial to Establish Goals for Your Garden
    John Deere dealership
    Farmers Can Now Repair Their Own John Deere Tractors
    Pearl the rescued pig relaxes at her animal sanctuary after being rescued
    Pearl the Pig Is Rescued After Abandonment by YouTuber
    Hummer EV
    Heavy Electric Pickups Are a Safety Concern, Says NTSB Head
    Early BKK Cafe by Space+Craft exterior
    Zero Waste Community Cafe Built With Recycled Bottles and Milk Cartons
    Seriously people, stop it with the babies and gas stoves on islands.
    There's No Gas Stove Ban But Regulations Can Reduce Indoor Air Pollution
    Burger with label
    Climate Impact Labels on Fast Food Reduce Red Meat Consumption
    disposable plastic fork on the ground
    England Is Banning Single-Use Plastic Cutlery and Plates
    Emperor Penguins in Antarctica
    65% of Antarctica's Plants and Wildlife Will Decline by 2100, Study Finds
    Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg with electric cars
    US Agencies Release Blueprint for Decarbonizing Transportation and It's Amazing
    fossil fuel fumes
    Is Uncertainty Now Our Friend in the Climate Fight?
    Earth's Ozone
    Ozone Hole Is Slowly Healing Thanks to the Montreal Protocol
    human body about to be put in Recompose composting facility
    New York Expands Green Burial Options With Human Composting
    Smart thermostats
    Do Smart Thermostats Save Energy? New Research Makes Surprising Findings
    Aerial view of plastic water bottles
    Scientists Used Lasers to Transform Plastic Into Tiny Diamonds
    do not hve a gas stove on an island
    US Considers Gas Stove Regulations as Research Mounts on Indoor Air Pollution Risks
    Walled Garden maisonette renovation by Nimtim Architects exterior
    Victorian-Era Maisonette Revamped as a Down-to-Earth Residence
    Cigarette butts on beach
    Tobacco Companies to Pay for Cigarette Butt Pollution in Spain
    e-bike in city
    This CAKE E-Cargo Bike Can Carry Your Anvils to Adrigole
    family eating outdoors
    Meet the 'Social Omnivore'
    exterior of building
    This Parisian Apartment Building Could Only Work With Single Stairs
    Butterfly patch pinned over a rip above the pocket of a pair of jeans.
    Creative Mending Is My New Strategy to Make Favorite Clothes Last Forever