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    Central Park Mall with green trees, New York City, USA
    Trees Are a ‘Must-Have’ Medicine When Addressing Mental Health
    14 Foods to Cook in a Cast Iron Skillet
    Plateau pika (Ochotona curzoniae)
    Eradication of Small Mammals Is Harming Vital Ecosystems
    Group Of Urban Farmers Tending To Organic Crops
    How to Establish an Intentional Community
    Penguin dryer balls in a basket of alundry
    Why Our Editors Love Dryer Balls Over Fabric Softener and Dryer Sheets
    Artist's tiny house Cam Oliver interior
    Man's Art-Filled Tiny House Is a True Gem of Creativity
    River running through lush green forest in rain, Yakushima Island, Japan
    50 Hours of Nature Sounds to Bring You Calm and Joy
    Frogs Singing in Malaysian Swamp at Dusk Judged to Be 'Most Beautiful Sound in the World'
    Baby Elephant and His Doting Collective of Sisters, Cousins, and Aunts
    Young brother and sister picking fresh tomatoes from garden
    For a Community Food Forest, Consider a Creative Location
    Over the shoulder view of young Asian woman grocery shopping in supermarket. She is reading the nutrition label on the bottle of fresh orange juice
    The Wildly Misleading Nature of 'Natural' Labels on Food
    digging up organic potatoes
    Don't Underestimate the Importance of Soil in a Garden
    Eau Villa float home by Bauhaus Habitat exterior
    Guests Can Rent These Contemporary Tiny Homes That Float on the Water
    A coral reef teeming with fish
    Coastal Lights Are Tricking Coral Reefs and Harming Their Recovery
    Dill umbrellas. Dill blossom.
    How I Deal with ‘Bolting’ Crops in My Garden
    Monolocale EFFE by Archiplan Studio interior
    Renaissance-Era Micro-Apartment Renovated Into Elegant Home
    Aspen Trees in the Pando Clone near Fishlake Utah
    Listen to the Sounds of the Largest Tree on Earth
    Beautiful Rolling Scottish Countryside At Dusk
    Why the 'Right to Roam' Is So Important
    Spotted Hyenas Are Smart, Social, and Ruled by Females
    Teen girl planting carnations in the garden
    Natural Bee Repellents for Home and Garden
    Fresh Herbs in the garden
    Herb Garden Ideas for New Gardeners
    Architect and family build two tiny houses exterior
    Family Builds Two Remarkable Tiny Houses Together
    Cigarette butts overflowing outdoor ashtray
    It's Time to Ban Cigarette Filters
    The sensitive plant (Mimosa pudica) responds to human touch.
    Do Plants Have Feelings? A Science Explainer
    Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) meadow
    Challenging Preconceived Notions is Vital for Gardeners
    Blurry grass background with hands holding dandelions
    The Ultimate Guide to No Mow May
    Modern Biology mushroom music
    Biologist-Turned-Musician Creates Sonic Magic With Bioelectricity From Fungi
    The Milky Way and lupins field near the Church of the Good Shepherd near Lake Tekapo, on New Zealand's South Island.
    What to See in the Night Sky for May 2023
    Glorious Portraits Reveal the Human Side of Goats and Sheep
    Girl watering vegetable garden
    'Valuing the Marginal' in Permaculture Garden Design
    wildlife of asian elephants herd in the wild
    Elephants Have Lost Nearly Two-Thirds of Their Habitat Across Asia
    Tiny Treehopper Is One of the Mightiest Mothers
    Cork House by Nimtim Architects exterior
    Family's Renovated Cork House Balances Beauty with Sustainability
    Sunrays Through Treetops
    94% of Americans Agree This Nature-Based Superhero is Good for the Planet
    A wolf swims in the water.
    These Sea Wolves Swim for Miles and Live Off the Watery Wilds
    Beautiful Portrait of Two Cedar Waxwing Feeding on Berries in Pennsylvania
    What's Going on With the Wildlife in Your Garden?
    A row of dairy cows feeding from a trough
    The Texas Mega-Dairy Fire is an Urgent Call to Address the Costly Clean-Up of Big Ag’s Cruelty
    IWI Pod by Juan Ruiz and Amelia Tapia exterior
    This Modern Multipurpose Cabin Unfolds Like an Accordion
    Septoria leaf spot on tomato. damaged by disease and pests of tomato leaves
    My Best Advice for Demoralized Gardeners
    A turtle on the beach walking toward the water
    Dozens of Cold-Stunned Sea Turtles Released Into the Wild After Months of Rehab
    BeâCHâlet mattr studio interior
    Architect's DIY Beachside Apartment Is a Space-Saving Wonder
    Vegetable Garden
    Are You Making These Mistakes in Your Kitchen Garden?
    Plants and small barnacles growing on a piece of plastic
    Unexpected Species Are Colonizing Rafts of Plastic Debris in the High Seas
    Mini Loft in Bermondsey by Studio 29 interior
    Architect Converts Victorian Factory Space Into Cozy Mini-Loft
    a modern building with mossy stones in front
    World's First Rewilding Center Opens in Scotland
    A collage with three plants growing from a bag
    'Garden in a Bag' is a Mini Garden Anyone Can Grow
    Special educators tiny house interior
    Spacious Tiny House is Home to Educator and 3 Dogs
    Planting evergreen tree
    The Power of Planting With a Purpose
    dog puppi
    Preparing a Garden for a Puppy
    Hutt House by Melbourne Design Studios exterior
    Beautiful Hütt House Blends Biophilia With Passivhaus
    Good King Henry, Blitum bonus henricus
    Here's How to Grow Good King Henry, an Incredible Edible Perennial
    Darwin Fox
    Darwin's Fox: Rare Photo Reveals of One of the Most Elusive Creatures on Earth
    Medieval manuscript illustrations showing luan eclipses.
    Sky-Gazing Medieval Monks Shed Light on Volcanic Mysteries
    Variety of empty clear glass bottles and jars
    How to Recycle Glass Correctly
    Freshwater turtle basking at night
    Turtles Around the World Are Basking in Moonlight
    A wild sand cat kitten
    Morocco’s Tiny Sand Cats Reveal Behavior Never Before Seen in Wild Cats
    388 Barkly Townhouse style apartments by Breathe Architecture + DREAMER interior
    These Sustainable 'Townhouse-Style' Apartments Are Designed With Families in Mind
    Scarecrow in a garden
    Ideas for Reusing Old Clothes and Textiles in the Garden
    Lyrid Meteor Shower
    What to See in the Night Sky for April 2023