Follow what's going on with sustainable aviation, from airport and aircraft innovation to the future of carbon-neutral air transportation.
Airliners at gates and Control Tower at LAX
New Site Tracks Emissions From the World’s Largest Airports
A Surf Air Mobility experimental test plane.
Small Electric Planes Could Help Decarbonize Air Transportation
Rolls-Royce's all-electric Spirit of Innovation takes to the skies for the first time
Rolls-Royce's All-Electric Plane Takes Its First Flight
United BOOM floght
United Airlines Orders 15 Supersonic Jets
Blimp Promises Low-Carbon Air Traveling
TGV Train
Take the Train: France to Ban Short Flights
Dining In Flight
Majority of World's Flights Taken by a Small Minority of Elite Travelers
Neste Delivering Fuel
Can We Keep Flying on Sustainable Aviation Fuels?
Passengers board a jet in 1952
We’re Thinking About Flying All Wrong
Wings over Greenland
Who Has the Highest Carbon Footprint of Flying?
AirbusZEROe Blended Wing Body Concept
Airbus Proposes Planes Fueled by Liquid Hydrogen
BOAC 747 taking off in 1970
Newer Isn't Always Better
Qantas Dreamliner
Qantas Gives Flyers Rewards for 'Being Sustainable'
EasyJet planes on a runway
EasyJet Ditches Carbon Offsetting in Favor of Actually Cutting Emissions
Air Canada electric hybrid aircraft
Air Canada Electrifies Its Lineup With Hybrid Planes
Riding Gazelle C380 Bikes
America's E-Bike Revolution Is in Trouble
Boom in the clouds
American Airlines Orders 20 Supersonic Jets—Is It Really Sustainable?
Fleet of KLM airplanes on a grassy field in an airport
Aviation’s First Greenwashing Lawsuit Takes Off Against Dutch Airline KLM
airplane on a runway
Near-Zero Aviation Is Possible, But Do We Have the Will?
red carpet rolled out with velvet ropes to private jet
Flying Private Is Taking Off Due to Pandemic and Airport Pandemonium
Aquila Ekranoplan
Aquila Global Is Bringing Back the Ekranoplan With Its Boat-Aircraft Hybrid Vehicle
Ekranoplan A-90 Orlyonok
Are Modernized Ground Effect Vehicles the Answer to Greener Flying?
A drawing of a narrow-bodied, hydrogen-powered turboprop plane on a blue background.
Hydrogen-Fueled Planes Could Meet One-Third of Air Travel Demands by 2050
Empty airplane
Why Are European Airlines Flying So Many Empty 'Ghost Flights'?
Rolls-Royce's all-electric Spirit of Innovation takes to the skies for the first time
Why Big Electric Planes Won't Fly, According to Vaclav Smil
A plane in flight flying over clouds
FlyZero's Zero Carbon Plane Spotlights the Mixed Blessings of Visionary Concepts
United Airlines filling up with SAF
United Airlines Claims It Flew an Aircraft Using 100% Sustainable Fuel—Did It?
9 Famous Female Aviators
Is Flying Dying? No, It Is Growing Faster Than Ever
How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint From Flying
Should We Just Stop Flying to Conferences?
How Biofuels Can Help Struggling Airlines
Why Airports Are Embracing Renewable Energy
Why Cheap Mass Air Travel Must Be Stopped

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