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hummingbird with rainbow on wings
Photographer Celebrates Birds and Their Rainbow Wings
honeybee on purple flower
Honeybees Live Shorter Lives Than They Did 50 Years Ago
zebrafish swimming
Fish Look Down When They Swim, Study Finds
acorn woodpecker in a tree
Quirky, Hoarding Woodpeckers Star in Documentary
Cluster of bees in Tampa
Tankers of Sugar Syrup and Pollen Aided 1.7 Billion Bees Affected by Hurricane Ian
black bear in the woods
Controversial Bear Hunting Returns to New Jersey
Golden skiffia before release
Extinct in the Wild, Fish Return to Habitat in Mexico
lavender fields in Mona, Utah
Creating Waystations for Monarch Butterflies
Brown trout swimming
Invasive Species Aren't Always the 'Boogeyman,' Biologists Say
bird singing
Seeing or Hearing Birds Is Good for Well-Being
Principe scops-owl
New Owl Species Discovered on Island Off African Coast
Dog in crate after rescue from South Korea dog meat farm
34 Dogs Rescued From Illegal Meat Farm in South Korea
Southern bamboo lemur feeding on the ground in Madagascar
Why Some Tree-Dwelling Primates Are Moving to the Ground
Bumble bee in flight
Bumblebees Like Playing With Toys, Study Finds
polar bear cub and mother
Climate Change Plays Role in Annual Polar Bear Migration
baboons at the waterhole
Water Hole Attracts Animals, Conservationists in Kenya
male Wakatobi sunbird
Colorful New Sunbirds Discovered in Indonesia
Bumblebee forages on artificial flower
Bumblebees Have Bad Memories, but They Still Use Them
newly discovered snailfish
Newly Discovered Blue Snailfish Found in the Deep Sea
smiling triggerfish
Grinning, Winking, Happy Animals Vie for Photo Honors
Strawberry Poison Dart Frog in Costa Rica
Why Animals Use Bright Colors Either to Warn or Attract
brown bear
Animals in National Parks Are Affected by Even a Few Visitors
Giraffe Eating
Good Food and Good Company Help Animals in Captivity
Giant Panda, Ailuropoda melanoleuca, Wolong Giant Panda Research Center, China
Endangered Species Act Isn't Working Well, Study Finds
dolphins at the Mirage Casino in Las Vegas
Too Many Dolphins Have Died at the Mirage Casino in Las Vegas
elephant with feet chained together
Investigation Shows Elephant Mistreatment in Thailand
bees in a ball
Bees, Birds, and Predators Win Photo Awards
mason bee nesting boxes
How 'Rented' Solitary Bees Can Help Your Garden
Jane Goodall
Empowering Communities to Protect Their Ecosystems
Ethiopian wolf
All African Carnivores Risk Losing Their Range
embryonic gecko hand
It's a Small, Small World in Photography
sea lion pup
Wildlife Populations Have Dropped 69%, Finds WWF Report
Lord Howe Island wood-feeding cockroach
Wood-Eating Cockroach Found Again After 80 Years
newly hatched African penguin chick
Endangered Penguin Chick Hatches at National Aviary
rescued baby sea turtles float in tank
200 Baby Sea Turtles Rescued after Hurricane Ian
Tapir valley tree frog
New Tiny Green Frog Is First Spotted in Costa Rica
blue-throated macaws in a nesting box
Blue-Throated Macaws Are Making a Comeback in Bolivia
pair of friendly lions walking in Kenya
Wildlife, Plants, and Climate Star in Winning Photo Awards
chinchillas in cages in Romania
Chinchilla Farm Investigation Prompts Call for Fur Ban in Romania
dog on chain at alleged dogfighting operation
305 Dogs Recovering After Rescue From Dogfighting Raid
Joro spider in web
Invasive Joro Spiders Continue to Spread
flower strips bordering an apple orchard
Flowers and Hedges Team Up to Help Bees
Great Plains bison in field of yellow flowers
Plant Diversity Booms When Bison Return to the Prairie
cats on a fence, butting heads
Cats, Dogs, and a Smoking Alpaca Win Pet Photo Awards
Fairy Pitta bird
Showy Songbirds Are at Risk of Extinction
Alina Bondarenko feeds dogs in Ukraine
Woman Feeds Dozens of Strays on Streets of Ukraine
cockatoo nudges a brick on a trash can
Cockatoos and Humans Battle Over Trash Cans in Australia
Mato Grosso Titi Monkey (Plecturocebus grovesi)
Recently Identified Monkey Is One of World’s Most Endangered Primates
weevil on avocado
Pheromones Could Protect Avocados From Invasive Weevils
dolphins in Shark Bay
Dolphins Have the Largest Alliances, Second to Humans
Wildlife Crossing in the Netherlands
Wildlife Crossings Save Lives and Money
newly discovered gecko in Madagascar
8 New Minuscule Geckos Discovered in Madagascar
Xerces blue butterflies
Here's What Extinction Looks Like
African elephant (Loxodonta africana) and calf walking, Masai Mara N.R, Kenya
Larger Animals Can Better Handle Climate Change
Santa Marta sabrewing hummingbird
Rare Glittery Hummingbird Rediscovered in Colombia
polar bear in abandoned home
Curious Animals and Chance Encounters Highlight Photo Entries
Watching Wild European rabbit
Australia's Rabbit Invasion Began With a Single Settler
Bateleur Eagle, Terathopius ecaudatus, Zimbabwe
Telling the Story of 80 of the World's Most Interesting Birds
White-Faced (Capuchin) Monkeys
Female Monkeys Live Longer When They Have Female Friends