Planet Earth

From complex weather systems to the great outdoors and how to conserve it, Planet Earth is the home we share with all living creatures.
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Weather forecast on a phone
Where to Find the Most Accurate Weather Forecast
Yellow poplar tree with tulip-like flowers
Identifying the Yellow Poplar Tree
Why Manchineel Might Be Earth's Most Dangerous Tree
Full Frame Shot of Pine Trees in Forest
13 Most Common North American Pine Species
Solitary linden
American Basswood: Description and Site Conditions
Blooming Pink Japanese Cherry or Sakura Flowers (Prunus Serrulata or Kanzan)
Kwanzan Cherry Tree: Description, Cultivars, and Tree Care
Palmately compound leaves of Victoria creeper composed of five leaflets
The Ultimate Guide to Simple and Compound Tree Leaves
Red maple leaves against an overcast sky.
Identify the 5 Most Common Maple Trees
Detail shot of a Juniper with blue berries in fall.
Identifying Juniper Trees and Shrubs
A close-up of a grapevine leaf with yellow and brown patches infected by grapevine fungal disease downy mildew.
32 Common Tree Diseases
couple stand in sun rays piercing thick forest of tall trees
What Is Forest Bathing? Benefits and How to Practice Shinrin-Yoku
American Basswood tree with yellow spiky flowers and dark green leaves.
How to Identify American Basswood Trees
Amazon River, Near Belem
12 Fascinating Facts About the Amazon River
Jaguar Lying On Wood In Forest
What Is an Umbrella Species? Definition and Examples
starry sky over New Zealand
New Zealand Aims to Become World's Largest 'Dark Sky Nation'
An extremely old tree in the middle of dry land
The World's 10 Oldest Living Trees
baby trees in a Scottish field
Rewilding Challenge Fund Launched in Britain Ahead of UN Biodiversity Summit
A colorful coral reef teaming with fish in the Maldives.
10 Stunning Plants and Sea Creatures on the Ocean Floor
Close-up of green needles on a Douglas fir branch.
How to Identify 8 Common North American Fir Trees
American Beech tree
How to Identify the American Beech Tree
Autumn Colors In French Alps, Haute-Savoie
Types of Forests: Definitions, Examples, and Importance
The trunk and yellow leaves of an Aspen in a forest.
Identifying the Aspen Tree
Cottonwood leaves and springtime pollen hanging off of tree.
How to Identify Cottonwood Trees
City of Yakutsk, Russia, at winter dusk
9 of the Coldest Places in the World to Live
tree planter at work
'The Land Gap' Report Shows Land Is Lacking to Fulfill Climate Pledges
woman photographs rainbow of city of Naples, Italy
Climate Change to Boost Global Rainbow Rate
Tourists taking photos of an enormous flower that towers over them all
10 of the Largest Living Things on the Planet
organic farmer hoeing plants
Why Land Use Is Such an Important Issue for Our Times
View of The Window in the Chisos Mountains in Big Bend National Park
Explore Dinosaur Fossils, Wildflowers, and Dark Skies at Big Bend National Park
A permeable parking lot with grass growing between pavers.
What Is Hardscaping? Is It Sustainable?
View from tent to the mountain
Fast Speedboat
What Do Riverkeepers Do? History and Environmental Policy
The Amazon rainforest in Brazil
10 Largest and Most Biodiverse Forests on Earth
Woman spraying boy with bug spray
The 7 Best DEET-Free Bug Sprays
Foraged mushrooms laid out on a cloth on a wooden table
Identifying Wild Mushrooms: What to Eat, What to Avoid
Lone linden / american basswood tree in a field against a bright blue sky
Introduction to American Basswood
Camping Tips: How to Enjoy the Great Outdoors With Your Dog
winning dead lawn in Gotland, Sweden
To Save Water, Gotland Challenged Residents to 'Ugliest Lawn' Competition
Chris Packham and Jamal Edwards
British Royal Family Urged to Rewild Sprawling Estates
Why the Search for Life on Other Planets Depends on Hydrogen
Striking Bird Photos Highlight Importance of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act
A polar bear walking along a flat surface covered with sea ice with a snow-covered mountain in the background and a blue sky and low,white clouds above
8 of the Best Places for an Arctic Adventure
Beautiful Vista of Mount Hood in Oregon, USA
10 Fascinating Pacific Crest Trail Facts
The Grand Prismatic Spring at Yellowstone National Park
Park vs. Refuge: What's the Difference?
Flood On Road During Hurricane
What Is a King Tide? Definition, Risks, and Climate Change Impact
Pando aspen grove
This 80,000-Year-Old Aspen Grove Clones Itself
Maroon Bells mountains at White River National Forest in Colorado
15 Awe-Inspiring National Forests in the United States
Deadly nightshade plant with berries and flowers
18 Poisonous Plants and Flowers
Bright green needles on a Spruce Tree.
Use Needles to Identify Common North American Coniferous Trees
ant's eye view of tall white oak tree in early spring with blue sky
Plant an Acorn and Grow an Oak Tree
Lush green valley flanked by mountains in Bhutan
10 Countries and Territories With the Most Protected Land
Denali Mountain
The 12 Tallest Mountains in the United States
Tree-sized corpse flower blooming in a greenhouse
8 of the Biggest Flowers on Earth
What Are Public Lands?
Rain and storm winds blowing trees
Are Hurricanes Getting Stronger Because of Climate Change? Weather Analysis
Sweet gum tree
Identifying the Sweetgum Tree
Low sun peaking through snowy forest, creating shadows
8 Things to Know About the Winter Solstice
International Space Station (ISS) Orbit in Space over Amazon River - SpaceX & NASA Research - 3D Rendering
What Are the Major Climate Zones?
Rear View Of Woman Walking By Trees At National Park
Redwood National Park Protects More Than the World's Tallest Trees