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    discarded Christmas tree
    Your Christmas Tree Is Edible
    Best Cabin Rental Agency
    Best Cabin Rental Agencies
    woman in sports bra with headphones
    Your Sports Bra Might Contain BPA
    three macro snowflakes on black background
    Macro Photos of Snowflakes Show Impossibly Perfect Designs
    Best Knitting Subscription Boxes
    Best Knitting Subscription Boxes
    chimp kissing his mother
    Famed Photographers Sell Images to Benefit Conservation
    Samantha Zwicker with wildcat
    Rescuer Saves and Rehabs Hundreds of Wild Animals in Peru
    Hiking in the snow
    The Best Sustainable Winter Hiking Gear of 2023
    A woman and man enjoy drinking tea while sitting on a blanket in the woods. They are both wearing sweaters.
    The 6 Best Vegan Sweaters of 2023
    Lost Words book cover
    'The Lost Words' Restores Nature to Children's Vocabulary
    Best eco-friendly gifts include vodka and a coffee maker photo composite
    The 29 Best Eco-Friendly Gifts of 2022
    Gold jewelry laid out aesthetically on marble background
    What Is Ethical Jewelry? Everything You Need to Know
    Trusting my balance - stock photo Rearview shot of an unrecognizable woman standing and doing yoga alone by the ocean during an overcast day
    What Is Elastane, and Is It Sustainable?
    Free the Ocean Under-$10 gifts
    Free the Ocean's 'Gifts Under $10' Has Affordable Plastic-Free Options for All
    The Mystery of Devil's Kettle Falls
    GOTS manufacturing in India
    GOTS Is a Certification That Actually Tackles Textile Greenwashing
    Iguazu Falls
    What Is Ecotourism? Definition, Examples, and Pros and Cons
    Sami Grover's two daughters holding journals
    Why I Gift My Daughters a 'Forever Forest' Every Birthday and Holiday Season
    Woman in upward dog position
    The Best Sustainable Workout Clothes and Activewear Brands of 2023
    Footwear decisions
    Your Guide to Recycling Sneakers, Sandals, and Other Shoes
    lion cub tumbling out of tree
    Winking, Waving, Tumbling Animals Win Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards
    Reading a book with a cup of coffee
    The Treehugger Reading List
    Dear Kate Wants You to Ditch Panty Liners for Good
    The Love Story Behind the Eco-Friendly Fashion Brand Amour Vert
    Best zero waste gift guide include beeswax crayons and fabric scrap shirt
    The 26 Best Zero Waste Gifts of 2023
    A woman looks at Vincent van Gogh's Sunflowers painting at the EY Exhibition: Van Gogh at Tate Britain in London.
    Will Throwing Soup at Art Stop the Climate Crisis?
    Dad dressing baby
    The Best Organic Baby Clothes of 2023
    A row of jean hanging on hooks.
    The 8 Best Sustainable Jeans of 2023
    nuzzling red foxes
    Nuzzling Foxes and Huddling Monkeys Vie for Photo Award
    Kids reading a book
    The Best Sustainable Kids' Clothing of 2023
    Snow Boots with Snow
    The Best Sustainable Winter Boots of 2023
    used clothing market in Amsterdam
    Report Outlines How to Fix the Fashion Industry's Enormous Emissions Problem
    Cesar Chavez
    11 Things You May Not Know About Cesar Chavez
    Grey felt slippers
    The 8 Best Eco-Friendly Slippers of 2023
    scarlet macaw and red-rumped parrot
    Colorful Photographic Compilations Are Homages to Birds
    Ocelot roams brush in South Texas
    Filming the Elusive Ocelot in South Texas
    FTO christmas products
    Get Ready for a Plastic-Free Holiday Season
    acorn woodpecker in a tree
    Quirky, Hoarding Woodpeckers Star in Documentary
    The Open-Air Life cover
    'The Open-Air Life' Will Teach You the Nordic Art of Friluftsliv
    Northern Saw whet Owl
    Our Favorite Non-Profits for Gifts That Give Back
    Best Organic Cotton Pajamas
    The Best Organic Cotton Pajamas of 2023
    Overhead view of different types of gift boxes
    How to Make a Low-Waste Gift Basket
    Best Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands
    The 14 Best Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands of 2023
    model in Viscose pants suit
    What Is Viscose and How Is It Made?
    Frost glistens on the plants in a foggy landscape during sunrise
    24 Profoundly Beautiful Words That Describe Nature and Landscapes
    The 6 Best Online Consignment Stores of 2022
    The Best Online Consignment Stores
    climate crisis wildfires shown on old fashioned tv
    TV and Film Scripts Need to Stop Ignoring the Climate Crisis
    outdoor wedding table
    Grow Your Own for a Sustainable Wedding Celebration
    Woman opening box of shoes
    The 9 Best Vegan Shoes for Women of 2023
    baboons at the waterhole
    Water Hole Attracts Animals, Conservationists in Kenya
    50 States of Change postcard art Hannah Rothstein
    Artist's Viral Postcards Depict 50 American States in Climate Crisis
    Best Eco-Friendly Holiday Cards
    The 9 Best Eco-Friendly Holiday Cards of 2022
    The view from above of Filbert Street in Los Angeles.
    8 of the World's Steepest Streets
    smiling triggerfish
    Grinning, Winking, Happy Animals Vie for Photo Honors
    hand holding a gold ring next to a jewelry box
    The 9 Best Places to Shop for Sustainable Jewelry
    Two hands holding up a homemade sign with "peace" and a peace sign written on cardboard.
    Treehugger's Community Guidelines
    "Chambered Nautilus" and "Loggerhead Sea Turtle" paintings by Angela Manno
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