Active transport includes walking, running, cycling, and scootering. Learn about important trends and issues, from bike safety to road sharing to pedestrian rights.
E-Biking in Bavaria
E-Bikes Are the Most Attractive Mode of Transport in Germany
Vello SUB
The Vello SUB Is the World's Lightest E-Cargo Bike
Bike in snow
This Crowdsourced Map Keeps Streets Safe for Those Who Walk and Roll
E-scooters for rent
Study: E-Scooters Slash Emissions and Reduce Congestion
cars waiting to be loaded into Ro-Ro ship
The Auto Industry Alone Will Blow the 1.5-Degree Carbon Budget
Lanrick Bennett on the Bentway
Every City Needs a Bike Mayor
really crowded sidewalk in New York
Pedestrians Are Taking Back the Streets
Dragonfly resting
Dragonfly Hyperscooter Is a 4-Wheeled Hyper E-Thing
Bo against concrete
The Bo E-Scooter and Docking Station Is a Reinvention of a Troubled E-Thing
Lectric Bike
The Affordable Lectric XP Lite 'E-Thing' Changed My Thinking
E-Bikes, Equity, and Gentrification: How Local Initiatives Can Maximize the Benefits
ENVO Flex Overland
The Envo Flex Is Two (or More) Bikes in One
cyclists on Keele Street
Transport Officials Call for Reforming Laws That Criminalize Bicyclists
ST7 in front of Gehry building
Does the World Need a $13,500 'Solid Gold' E-Bike?
Row of three parked electric bicycles in front of concrete wall
Yes, E-Bikes Really Are Magic—Even in Heat Waves
Man riding e-bike in Berlin
Study: E-Bikes Are the Most Popular EV
Quadricycles lined up next to a riverfront
7 Unique Quadracycles and Why They're Good for the Planet
This Urban Bike Is Made Almost Entirely From Recycled Plastic
Globe Cargo Bike
Specialized Teases New E-Bike Promising to Bring 'More Fun to Local Living'
Family riding e-bikes in Hamburg
It's Time For Everyone to Stop Ignoring E-Bikes
man and child in Iron Horse
How an E-Cargo Bike Can Be Life-Changing
Community storage
Bikes Are Evolving. When Will Bike Storage Catch Up?
A closeup of a blix bike and its logo
Blix Launches an E-Bike Designed for Both On- and Off-Road Fun
Tern Quick Haul E-Bike
Tern’s New Quick Haul Is Another Serious Contender for the Future of Urban E-Bikes
Gazelle showroom
Electric Bike Sales Are Booming, Thanks to High Gas Prices
Das Spitzing Evolution S and Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell Needs a Real E-Bike
Propella mini e-bike
The Propella Mini Is a Rethink of What an E-Bike in the City Should Be
Several bike locks laid side by side
What's the Best Way to Lock an E-Bike?
woman carrying Soltera upstairs
Aventon Soltera Is a Cheap and Cheerful E-Bike
Man without helmet talking on phone while riding e-bike
2021 in Review: The E-Bike Revolution Hits the Streets
Mayor Hidalgo on an e-bike in a bike lane
E-Bikes Can Unlock the Suburbs for Alternative Transportation
A man on an Urban Freight Lab e-cargo bike wearing a face mask.
E-Cargo Bikes Could Help Slash Emissions From Package Deliveries
Woman on ebike
How E-Bikes Can Save Cities
Sami Grover with a Blix bike
Can an E-Cargo Bike Work as Your One and Only Bike?
UPS driver uses electric bike for deliveries
UPS Will Be Making Some London Holiday Deliveries With Electric Bike Trailers
Electra goes to the park
It's an Easy Swytch to Turn Your Bike Into an E-Bike
Van Moof V
The VanMoof V E-Bike Can Go 31 MPH. It Shouldn't.
Rad Rover 6 Plus
Viva La E-Bike Revolution: Sales in US Are Up 240%
Hiplok on Tern
Finally, a Bike Lock That Can Stand Up to an Angle Grinder
Ebike on the road
E-Bike Incentives in Tax Bill Are Laughable Compared to Those for Electric Cars
Man without helmet talking on phone while riding e-bike
What Is Needed for an E-Bike Revolution?
BMW e-bike
BMW Introduces E-Bike With 186-Mile Range, 37 MPH Speed
Katherine's e-bike at the beach
I Feel Like a Celebrity When I Ride My Electric Cargo Bike
Bayk cargo e-bike with Schaaeffler drive
E-bike Riders Have Nothing to Lose but Their Chains
VAAST ebike
The VAAST E/1 Is the Cadillac of E-Bikes
Julian Fernau, founder of FluidFreeRide
Getting a Kick Out of Kick Scooters
e-bike rides from zero waste store
Four Surprising Uses for E-Cargo Bikes in Business
Blix Packa Genie
First Impressions: Life With a Blix Packa Genie E-Cargo Bike
Bird Bikes with men and women
Shared E-Mobility Company Bird Is Now Selling E-Bikes
3 Life Hacks for Riding a Bike in a Skirt
guy in shorts woman in leggings walk up white gravel trail
5 Ways Walking Is Better Than Running
two women in workout clothes and water bottle walk on rocky trail outside
10 Ways to Get the Most From Walking
Cyclist in Malmo Sweden
What Is the Best Electric Bike for Older or Novice Riders?
VELLO bike on gravel
VELLO Introduces the First Folding Gravel Bike
Rad Rover 6 Plus
Rad Power Bikes Completely Redid Its Flagship E-Bike
Urban Arrow e-bike
Why Bikes and E-Bikes Are the Fastest Ride to Zero Carbon
Thousand bike helmets
I Am in Love With My New Thousand Bicycle Helmet
Father and son on a Blix e-bike
Blix Updates E-Bikes With Improved Power and Range
Should I Buy an Electric Bicycle? Here's Everything You Need to Know to Get Started!

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