Learn about animals, from their marvelous adaptations and surprising behaviors to the latest scientific discoveries.
    Best Livestock Insurance
    The Best Livestock Insurance
    closeup of spider foot
    The Odd, Adorable Mystery of Hairy Spider Feet
    Meet the World’s Only Completely Freshwater Seal
    Best Bee Supply Companies
    Best Bee Supply Companies
    A cougar swimming in the water
    Swimming Cougars Take to the Sea, Astonishing Researchers in the Pacific Northwest
    Best Fresh Dog Food Delivery Services
    Best Fresh Dog Food Delivery Services
    Cheetah standing on a dead branch using it as a advantage point
    Cheetahs Can't Roar, They Meow Instead
    Cats at Sea: 7 Famous Seafaring Felines
    Prothonotary Warbler Perched on Branch
    Get Outside for the Great Backyard Bird Count
    Indian Pangolin or Anteater (Manis crassicaudata) one of the most traffic wildlife species
    Operation Pangolin: New Initiative Launched to Save World’s Most Trafficked Wild Mammal
    The Incredible Secret Lives of Sea Lilies and Feather Stars
    Indoor farm of hens that lay eggs.
    What's the Difference Between Cage-Free and Free-Range Eggs?
    A large, colorful frog holds on to a branch
    Trippy New Stream Frog Named After J.R.R. Tolkien
    A cockatoo using the first of two tools to reach a cashew.
    Cockatoos Use and Transport Toolsets, a Behavior Thought Exclusive to Humans and Chimps
    Puppy sitting on a pad
    The 7 Best Eco-Friendly Puppy Training Pads of 2023
    An adorable tiny mouse eating some seeds
    9-Year-Old Pocket Mouse Named 'Oldest Living Mouse in Human Care'
    Photographer Waited in a River Nightly for 4 Years to Get This Singular Shot of a Beaver
    Closeup of one single tufted titmouse titmice bird sitting perched on tree branch during heavy winter snow colorful in Virginia with flower buds
    How to Take Care of Backyard Birds in the Winter
    The heart-shaped light of a firefly in close-up
    These Fireflies Flirt With Heart-Shaped Lanterns
    groundhog surrounded by dry leaves and small plants
    Secrets of the Groundhog Revealed
    Rocky the pitbull mix smiles for the camera
    Why Do Pit Bulls Have Such a Bad Reputation?
    Photograph of honey bees in a hive
    Here is What’s Happening to US Honey Bees
    Sunflower van conversion Dyllan interior
    Woman Leaves Corporate World For Van Life and Rescue Dogs
    Cat lying in cat bed
    The 7 Best Eco-Friendly Cat Beds of 2023
    Best Eco-Friendly Cat Litter
    The 7 Best Eco-Friendly Cat Litters of 2023
    A crow on a rock
    Crows Have a Human-Like Grammar Skill, Scientists Find
    Best Chicken Coops
    The 8 Best Chicken Coops of 2023
    sand dollars at the bottom of the ocean
    Sea Urchins Keep Surviving as Marine Life Deteriorates in the Florida Keys
    African Elephants
    12 Animals With the Longest Gestation Period
    Pearl the rescued pig relaxes at her animal sanctuary after being rescued
    Pearl the Pig Is Rescued After Abandonment by YouTuber
    Ochre Sea Star (Pisaster ochraceus) on Green Algae
    9 Fascinating Facts About Starfish
    two young kids walk small dog on gravel road in park
    Does My Dog Really Need Three Daily Walks? Can't She Play With Her Toys Instead?
    beagle dog runs through snow while holding purple dog toy in mouth
    19 Toys to Keep Your Pet Active This Winter
    overweight chubby spotted dachshund dog stands at attention in grass
    How Can I Help My Dog Lose Weight?
    Gia dog before and after
    Emaciated, Terrified Pup Learning to Trust
    Vicky Bond with chickens
    From Grassroots to Global, Group Works to Improve Animal Conditions
    Great Bustard (Otis tarda)
    World’s Heaviest Birds Might Be Self-Medicating
    Firework Display At Night
    Fireworks Have Long-Lasting Impact on Wild Birds
    Ted Dennard at a beekeeping workshop.
    Educating Kids About the Importance of Bees
    Octopus with arms extended swimming in blue water
    What’s the Difference Between Squid and Octopuses?
    Endangered Tasmanian devil sitting on the ground in the forest
    Why the Tasmanian Devil Is Endangered
    Close-Up Of Orb-Weaving Spider On Web
    Male Spiders Fight Less When There Are More Females Around
    Kateryna Shcherbyna with horse
    Woman Feeds Horses During War in Ukraine
    Horse pulling carriage in Central Park, New York City.
    It's Beyond Time to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages in New York City
    Union Island gecko on a finger
    Colorful Gecko Has an Amazing Success Story in Caribbean
    cat in the grass
    Cats Face Threats—and Can Cause Them—When They Roam
    Rhesus macaques on Cayo Santiago
    Female Monkeys Purposefully Have Fewer Friends As They Age
    bristle-thighed curlew
    World’s Most Unusual Birds Face Highest Risk of Extinction
    Orange Shrimps Swimming In Sea
    What’s the Difference Between Shrimp and Prawns?
    Mantidactylus augustini frog in Madagascar
    20 New Gurgling, Creaking Frog Species Named in Madagascar
    young POC boy hugs and kisses new mixed breed puppy
    The 6 Biggest Challenges All New Puppy Owners Face
    p-22 mountain lion in front of Hollywood sign
    California Celebrity Mountain Lion P-22 Is Euthanized
    puppy in New York pet shop
    New York State Bans Pet Stores From Selling Dogs, Cats, Rabbits
    Copper headed Trinket Snake ready to strike, Indonesia
    20 of the World's Most Venomous Snakes
    Chimp Fiona shows her mother a leaf
    For Chimps, This Small Gesture Is a Big Deal
    9 Uncanny Facts About Crows
    Oceanic manta swimming with two remoras
    Largest Manta Ray Population Discovered Off Coast of Ecuador
    Sea star off the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
    12 Animals That Reproduce Asexually
    newborn tapir baby
    Spotted, Striped Endangered Tapir Calf Born in the UK