Learn about animals, from their marvelous adaptations and surprising behaviors to the latest scientific discoveries.
    Two donkeys close up to the camera
    What's the Difference Between Donkeys and Mules?
    honeybee on purple flower
    Honeybees Live Shorter Lives Than They Did 50 Years Ago
    Cat scratching a post
    The 7 Best Eco-Friendly Cat Scratchers of 2022
    zebrafish swimming
    Fish Look Down When They Swim, Study Finds
    Cluster of bees in Tampa
    Tankers of Sugar Syrup and Pollen Aided 1.7 Billion Bees Affected by Hurricane Ian
    Best Fresh Dog Food Delivery Services
    The Best Fresh Dog Food Delivery Services
    A wild jaguar in the Pantanal is watchful while laying in thick vegetation along the river bank of t
    12 Fierce Facts About Jaguars
    black bear in the woods
    Controversial Bear Hunting Returns to New Jersey
    Cooper's Hawk profile
    18 Magnificent Types of Hawks and Where to Find Them
    Herd of white alpaca huddled together
    What's the Difference Between Llamas and Alpacas?
    Golden skiffia before release
    Extinct in the Wild, Fish Return to Habitat in Mexico
    Two polar bears standing in the snow next to water
    15 Names From Around the World for Polar Bears
    rescued border collie puppies in crate
    Puppies Rescued Among Filth, Junk, and a Dead Chicken
    woman hugs kitty while booping on nose
    How to Make a Birthday Cake for Your Cat
    Indian flying fox
    8 Fascinating Examples of Convergent Evolution
    Red panda in wild gazes into camera while munching on plant
    Why Red Pandas Are Endangered
    lavender fields in Mona, Utah
    Creating Waystations for Monarch Butterflies
    dog stares at camera, annoyed, while persons hand pets them on head
    11 Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate
    Bunny sitting on a patio table eating grass
    9 Things to Know Before Getting a Pet Rabbit
    Brown trout swimming
    Invasive Species Aren't Always the 'Boogeyman,' Biologists Say
    Brown Pomeranian dog running in grass
    12 of the World's Smallest Dog Breeds
    green lynx spider (Peucetia viridans) on a yellow flower
    8 Intriguing Facts About the Green Lynx Spider
    bird singing
    Seeing or Hearing Birds Is Good for Well-Being
    platypus swimming
    9 Quirky Facts About the Platypus
    Herd of Bactrian camels walking past a mountain
    9 Fascinating Facts About Camels
    Woman picking up her dog's poop with bag on sidewalk
    What Should You Do With Your Dog's Poop?
    Principe scops-owl
    New Owl Species Discovered on Island Off African Coast
    Close-up of bearded dragon in the desert
    15 Bizarre Facts About Bearded Dragons
    La Jolla Beach Sea Lions
    What's the Difference Between Seals and Sea Lions?
    Hummingbird at a feeder
    The 7 Best Hummingbird Feeders of 2022
    Brown Rat Scavenging Discarded Bird Food
    What’s the Difference Between Rats and Mice?
    A bat with brown fur clings to a piece of white fabric with its wings
    How to Get a Bat Out of Your House (and Prevent a Return Visit)
    Dog in crate after rescue from South Korea dog meat farm
    34 Dogs Rescued From Illegal Meat Farm in South Korea
    Does an Octopus Make a Good Pet?
    A brown and black spotted axolotl laying on a rocky surface
    8 Fascinating Facts About the Axolotl
    Southern bamboo lemur feeding on the ground in Madagascar
    Why Some Tree-Dwelling Primates Are Moving to the Ground
    Raccoon posing
    11 Riveting Facts About Raccoons
    Pair of parakeets
    11 Animals That Mate for Life
    Bumble bee in flight
    Bumblebees Like Playing With Toys, Study Finds
    flightless cormorant on beach with wings out
    12 Surprising Flightless Birds
    polar bear cub and mother
    Climate Change Plays Role in Annual Polar Bear Migration
    Two snow leopard cuddling
    Why the Snow Leopard Population Is Decreasing
    What's the Difference Between a Salamander and a Newt?
    male Wakatobi sunbird
    Colorful New Sunbirds Discovered in Indonesia
    Bumblebee forages on artificial flower
    Bumblebees Have Bad Memories, but They Still Use Them
    Close-Up Of Wolf Crying
    Why Do Wolves Howl?
    Peregrine falcon flying with lake in background
    What's the Difference Between Hawks and Falcons?
    newly discovered snailfish
    Newly Discovered Blue Snailfish Found in the Deep Sea
    woman walks dog during monsoon in Mumbai
    Lessons I Have Learned From My Fellow Animal City Dwellers
    Strawberry Poison Dart Frog in Costa Rica
    Why Animals Use Bright Colors Either to Warn or Attract
    Dog and cat having moment
    Polar bear with twin cubs (Ursus maritimus)
    Endangered Species
    Are You Looking At Me
    6 Myths and Superstitions About Owls
    brown bear
    Animals in National Parks Are Affected by Even a Few Visitors
    Giraffe Eating
    Good Food and Good Company Help Animals in Captivity
    Giant Panda, Ailuropoda melanoleuca, Wolong Giant Panda Research Center, China
    Endangered Species Act Isn't Working Well, Study Finds
    Elephant painting on easel
    Is Elephant Painting Cruel?
    brown bear lying down on its side with face resting on top of paw
    10 Interesting Facts About Bears