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Deepen your understanding of the natural world by learning about biology, chemistry, physics, and geology.
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groundhog surrounded by dry leaves and small plants
Secrets of the Groundhog Revealed
A wildly starry night sky over mountains
Stars Are Disappearing From Sight at an Astonishing Rate
Brazilian Araucaria plant shows fractals in nature
9 Amazing Fractals Found in Nature
Microorganisms in a super-heated hot spring
Archaea vs. Bacteria: What Are the Differences?
7 Surprising Facts About Charles Darwin
What Is an Indicator Species? 10 Key Examples
Lingonberry leaves in the snow
15 Taiga Plants That Thrive in the Boreal Forest
leucistic albatross
Leucism vs. Albinism in the Animal Kingdom
A diversity of large animals in an African grassland.
3 Types of Biodiversity: Overview and Importance
Indian flying fox
8 Fascinating Examples of Convergent Evolution
profile shot domesticated dairy cow with bell collar in front of small village
What Is Selective Breeding (Artificial Selection)?
Tourists taking photos of an enormous flower that towers over them all
10 of the Largest Living Things on the Planet
An underground cave that houses the thermal aquifer situated a few tens of meters from the surface.
What Is Fossil Water? Geology and Renewability
How Pioneer Species Recover the Ecosystem illustration
What Is a Pioneer Species?
Cluster of Panellus stipticus on a tree, glowing green
10 Bioluminescent Mushrooms That Glow in the Dark
Qeqertaq Avannarleq
Mysterious 'Ghost Island' Revealed to Be Rare Iceberg in Disguise
The full moon rises over the hills shrouded in smoke from wildfires on July 22, 2021 in Bly, Oregon. The Bootleg Fire, which started on July 6th near Beatty, Oregon, has burned over 399,000 acres and is currently 38 percent contained.
Smoke From US Wildfires Is Turning the Moon an Eerie Color
9 Interesting Space Noises From NASA's SoundCloud
students in school all raise hands to ask a question
6 'Stupid' Questions That Aren't Stupid at All
Historic Art Deco District in South Beach, Miami, USA
Miami Beach to Swap Out Palm Trees
8 Images of Solar Eclipses
Cain and Abel Mystery Solved?
8 Superlative Spiders
Pando aspen grove
This 80,000-Year-Old Aspen Grove Clones Itself
Elevated view of flowering plants and shrubs on a slope, two kayakers on a narrow river and grassland.
Edge Effects: Habitat Biodiversity and Human Interference
9 Things You Didn't Know About Lunar Eclipses
Cypress swamp with vegetation emerging from the water
Freshwater Biome: Types, Plants, and Wildlife
neodymium is a magnetic chemical element with the symbol Nd, in solid state. It is part of the rare earth group, used in the technology industry
What Are Rare Earth Metals?
Clownish swimming in blue sea anemone
Marine Biome: Types, Plants, and Wildlife
Lesser burdock burrs hooked together lead to Velcro
8 Amazing Examples of Biomimicry
Venus illustration surrounded by starry sky
8 Surreal Images of Venus
El Gran Abuelo cypress in Chile
Chile May Be Home to the World’s Oldest Tree
It's the Summer Solstice! Here's What to Know
Glue pouring out of bottle onto table
Is Glue Sustainable?
Dandelion seeds blowing
How Dandelions 'Decide' to Spread Their Seeds
Frosted tundra rose
15 Unique Plants That Flourish in the Tundra Biome
Aerial view of a surfer riding an ocean wave.
What Causes Waves in the Ocean? Energy Analysis and Wave Types
river view of Guangxi
Sprawling Ancient Forest Discovered in Remote China Sinkhole
A male and female Mandarin duck
9 of the Most Dramatic Examples of Sexual Dimorphism
A large school of clear jellyfish with yellow center tentacles floating in blue water
11 Intriguing Transparent Animals
Blue Tears bioluminescent algae in Taiwan
Bioluminescent Algae: Definition, Causes, and Toxicity
golden frog in a green aloe plant
10 Golden Animals Touched by Midas
C. Militaris fungi wired for sound
Mushrooms May Talk to Each Other Using Their Own Fungal Language
Characteristics of Temperate Grassland Biomes
Honey Bee
What Does Niche Mean in Ecological Biology?
Temperate deciduous forest in autumn
Temperate Forests: Climate, Locations, Wildlife
A silvery blue and brown polka dotted bioluminescent bobtail squid sitting on the ocean floor.
8 Brilliant Bioluminescent Animals
Tundra Land Biome Description and Characteristics
Close-up of a full moon over a wheat field at dusk.
What Is a Harvest Moon?
goats and sheep stare at camera
The Difference Between Sheep and Goats
A vintage scientific illustration of a giant worm
World's Largest Earthworm Can Grow to 9-Feet Long
Savanna Lions
Savanna Biome: Climate, Locations, and Wildlife
Hiker walking between giant sequoia trees
10 of the Tallest Trees in the World
Kitt Peak Observatory under a starry night
12 Out-Of-This-World Observatories
red chicken peers down at baby chicks
Finally Answered! Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?
Seagrass and fish in water, Santa Cruz Island, California, USA
What Are Biotic and Abiotic Factors in an Ecosystem?
A lunar halo shines above a farm house in winter.
What Causes a Ring to Appear Around the Moon?
Scenic View Of Silhouette Mountains Against Sky During Sunset
Why Does the Sky Sometimes Turn Purple?
Large Winter Storm Brings Ice And Snow To Large Swath Of Southern States Up Through Northeast
Exploding Trees? Cold Temps Make Texas Trees Burst

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