House of Organic Sustainable Fashion Show


Hosted by Summer Rayne Oakes and presented by Ekovaruhuset, last night's House of Organic Sustainable Fashion Show—a five-hour-long (!) affair—featured the environmentally sensitive and socially responsible Fall 2008 Collections of six major labels: Ekovaruhuset, Anja Hynynen, Righteous, Bahar Shahpar, Fin, and Susan Cianciolo.

House of Organic was hosted at workspace designer Haworth's 31,000 square foot sustainable, LEED Gold-certified offices in New York City, just across the street from Grand Central Station.

Oakes burst upon the stage decked out in only a bikini and boy shorts. "I couldn't find anything to wear and none of the other girls wanted to share," she lamented. "But it's all organic, don't worry," she said, pointing to her semi-nude ensemble. To the rescue: Elisa Jimenez, best known as one of the Season 4 contestants of Bravo's Fashion Runway, who began snipping away at a sheath of white bamboo and Lycra spandex, while fitting Oakes on the spot.


Before you could say, "Make it work," Oakes was sashaying down the runway in a stylish, svelte halter-top gown, accompanied by three matchingly dressed ladies-in-waiting, whom Jimenez dubbed "The Three Graces."


More memorable moments pictured below.


Dark blue rib collar bolero vest in linen/wool, and natural white jersey knit dress, by Anja Hynynen

Slouchy dress with stitches in chocolate truffle, made from "peace silk" that is harvested after the silkworm has turned into a free-flying silk moth, by Fin

Schoolgirl dress in plain Ahimsa silk noil and heavy silk crepe, by Bahar Shahpar