Oatly's Latest Merch Is (Amazingly) Secondhand

Now that's an impressive commitment to sustainability—and fans are loving it.

Oatly ReRuns denim jackets


Oatly, the famed maker of oat milk, wants to help reduce your impact on the planet not just in terms of what you drink, but also what you wear. With fans wanting branded merchandise that announces their oat milk devotion to the world, Oatly asked itself a simple question: "Why have we been selling new clothing? Is there a more environmentally-friendly way to let people show their support for the plant-based revolution?" 

Since sustainability has always been at the forefront of the company's mission, it made sense to reconsider how it was dressing supporters. Enter ReRuns, an intriguing new initiative that gives fans used clothes in place of new, but always with the same beloved graphics and catchphrases that people associate with Oatly. 

ReRuns has limited availability, offering a mix of pre-loved t-shirts and one-of-a-kind denim jackets. Each jacket has been decorated by one of ten female artists that has partnered with Oatly for the project, and all sale proceeds go to support the Lower Eastside Girls' Club. LESGC is a non-profit that provides young women in New York City with free programs and mentoring. An Oatly press release adds another reason to love its work—"plant-based after-school meals grown on their rooftop garden and programs focused on environmental justice learning and activism."

Oatly t-shirts


Oatly, which is headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, describes ReRuns as "our not-so-little experiment in upcycling stuff into merch-like objects that skip the unsustainable cycle of fast fashion in favor of thoughtfully-made pieces [that are] as planet-forward as the propaganda they’re covered in." 

It's downright refreshing—and highly unconventional—to hear about a company peddling used merch, even if it has been spruced up a bit! But it just makes Oatly seem cooler than ever, and its message about sustainable consumption even more authentic. 

The clothes feature phrases like "Post-Milk Generation," "Eat Plants for the Planet," and "Wow No Cow!" While Oatly promises the phrase and unisex size will be accurate, it tells prospective buyers that "the color, print, and style are a total mystery. Fun, right?" So these are not items to buy if you're overly fussy about things being perfect—but then, that's part of the beauty of buying used. You never know when or where you're going to find your next favorite thing.

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If that special, unique item is waiting for you on the ReRuns website, you don't have long to get it. Some designs are already sold out. Jackets retail for $250 and t-shirts (which are supplied in partnership with Goodfair) are $18-$24. If you miss out, there's going to be an upcoming vintage holiday sweater drop, also (re)decorated by artists, in December. Stay tuned!