A Moveable Feast: We Like Ike's Partio Portable Kitchen and Barbeque

partio moveable kitchenLAMA/Promo image

Summer kitchens make a lot of sense in warm climates; why add heat inside an air conditioned house? They are all the rage now, but it is getting out of hand; One of the most disturbing trends in house design for the 1% is the massive outdoor kitchen, sometimes as big as the indoor kitchen and filled with weatherproof versions of high end appliances.

It used be much simpler; people had a BBQ, or if you the President of the United States, you had General Electric's Partio: a rolling oven, range, rotisserie and charcoal grill. Ike called it "the most fantastic thing you ever saw." Mark Frauenfelder apparently agrees.

eisenhowerPalm Springs Life/via

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