Zooey Deschanel Backs Clean-Label Shopping App ‘Merryfield’

The popular service incentivizes shoppers to purchase products without harmful ingredients or unnecessary chemicals.

Zooey Deschanel attends the Los Angeles premiere of Focus Features' "Emma." held at DGA Theater on February 18, 2020 in Los Angeles, California.

Michael Tran/FilmMagic/Getty Images

If the pursuit of shopping for clean products, aka those without harmful ingredients or unnecessary chemicals, has you spending countless minutes reading labels and looking up brand FAQs, actor Zooey Deschanel may just have the perfect time-saving solution. 

The former “New Girl” star and singer-songwriter announced she’s joining the team behind Merryfield, a new app and loyalty program that rewards shoppers for purchasing clean alternatives to everyday products. In her new position, Deschanel will not only carry the title of co-founder but also the chief creative officer. 

"The idea behind Merryfield made so much sense to me," Deschanel said in a release. "I'd been thinking for a while about ways to incentivize people to really think about their choices and the impact of those choices. Making more informed, positive decisions for myself and my family makes me feel good, and I know a lot of people out there feel the same way I do.”

What to buy, points to try

Merryfield, the brainchild of David Mayer, a former healthcare private equity investor, and Joe Dickson, former director of quality standards at Whole Foods Market, vets every clean product listed on its app according to 70 values ranging from biodegradable to humane to plant-based. The extensive list of brands includes familiars like Daiya, Honest, Stonyfield, and others you may not yet have heard of such as A Dozen Cousins, Nada Moo!, and Primal Kitchen. 

Merryfield encourages consumers to purchase better-for-you products by rewarding points good towards gift cards. At its most basic level, 5,000 points equal $5, with shoppers earning at least 10 points for every dollar spent on a product. Occasional promotions for certain brands (called “Brand Boosts) can earn even more points. 

The process for getting these perks couldn’t be easier. If you have a paper receipt, snap a photo (or photos depending on how long it is) with the items, date, store, and total included. The Merryfield app will then analyze and reward based on products it’s certified as clean. Digital receipts from online shopping systems can also be connected to the app.

“It takes hours to go down the aisles to figure out what brands people should trust — that’s why we’re here,” Dickson told The Spoon. “We want to incentivize people to try new brands and for continuing to choose those products. We’re looking to thoughtfully curate the brands and products to focus on the true innovators and standard bearers.”

A natural fit for Deschanel

Deschanel’s decision to join Merryfield is the latest move in a series of investments and initiatives to encourage clean, sustainable living. In addition to hosting a popular video series called “Your Food’s Roots,” she is also the co-founder of a vertical home farm stand product called Lettuce Grow and a food resource blog called The Farm Project

Speaking with People magazine earlier in April, Deschanel says her shift to becoming more environmentally conscious was inspired by her two young children. 

"Having kids made me very aware of environmental issues," she said. "I want the world they grow up in to be a healthy one. I have grown a lot as I learn more, but [my kids] are exactly why I'm passionate about it."

According to the Boston Business Journal, Deschanel’s role with Merryfield will include community building, growing brand partnerships, creating social media content, and helping to influence the app product roadmap. 

“When I met David and the team and they told me about this idea to help make it easier for people to know which brands they can trust, then reward them for regularly supporting them with their purchasing power,” she added. “I wanted to help make that happen."

To download the Merryfield app, available now for iOS and Android later this year, jump here