Zola the Gorilla Dances Like He's Never Danced Before

We're often told to dance like nobody's watching as way to motivate ourselves to live life to the fullest and face challenges head on.

Zola, a gorilla at the Dallas Zoo thought we just meant it literally.

Filmed during an enrichment period — a time the zoo allots to encourage "mental and physical stimulation to increase natural behaviors" in the animals — Zola just starts splashing a little bit, clapping his hands in the water, and then, Zola hears his own kind of music, his own special song, and just starts to spin and splash.

According to the zoo's YouTube page for the video, "Enrichment can take many forms, but for this spunky great ape, it means playing and spinning in his favorite blue pool!"

For the internet, however, something was missing from Zola's moment of pure joy. Something involving 1980s dance outfits. What could it be? Ah, yes, splash dance!

It syncs up perfectly, like "The Wizard of Oz" and Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon."