Zira the Corgi Went on a Shopping Spree, and the Internet Couldn't Handle It

Shopping can be stressful around the holidays, but that stress can go right out the door if you get a chance to shop with Zira the Corgi.

The precious pup in the video above went viral after pictures of her shopping spree in Target had the internet smiling and wanting to know more.

Pictures, videos and posts about 4-month-old Zira have hundreds of thousands of shares. She is a Pembroke Welsh corgi and miniature Australian shepherd mix from Monterey, California.

Here Zira is in Target
is a very happy girl. Zira the Corgi

After her adventure to Target, Zira and her owner learned that the store only allows service dogs. She and her owners, Jesse and Kasey, issued an apology, but it sparked a new hobby: showing off Ziri's trips to pet-friendly stores.

Her next several adventures took her to stores like Home Depot, Ross Dress for Less, Marshalls and more. Zira got so popular that she even ended up with her own website and merchandise.

It's still hard to match the viral sensation that her Target trip inspired. In the original post on Instagram, it says that Zira loved meeting new people while buying some new treats and a toy.

Shopping and going to the beach are her favorite hobboes
Zira now shops at pet-friendly stores. Zira the Corgi

Jesse and Kasey continue to emphasize that while their trip with Zira to Target was a blast, other pet owners should check with stores before bringing their dog or cat.

Zira the Corgi is now over a year old, but she's as adorable as ever. She still loves to go on shopping sprees, take trips to the beach and, of course, meet new friends along the way.