This Zero-Waste Grocery Delivery Service Is Plastic-Free

©. Courtesy of The Wally Shop

It brings food from farmers markets to customers without filling up the trash.

We recently wrote about a zero-waste grocery store that just opened in Brooklyn. Apparently, Brooklyn is quite the place for eco-friendly grocery shoppers, because someone else just started a zero-waste delivery service in the same borough.

The Wally Shop buys produce, grains and herbs from local bulk shops and farmers' markets. The service tries to make sure food is as fresh as possible, ideally traveling from farm to customer the same day. Couriers drop off and pick up reusable packaging.

Tamara Lim, The Wally Shop's founder and CEO, started in an unlikely place for a zero-waste world. She managed Amazon's packing and shipping department. While there, she noticed how much packaging was wasted.

"I've always had so much love and admiration for the environment, and growing up my father instilled the importance of shopping at local markets, taking care of my health, and being a steward for the planet," Lim told me. "But as an adult living on my own, I didn't have the time to shop at farmers markets and seek out bulk shops where I could shop sustainably."

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© Courtesy of The Wally Shop

“It’s important for us to provide locally sourced ingredients - they taste incredibly fresh and flavorful, have low carbon footprints, and are package-free. It’s the healthiest option for you and for the environment,” said Lim.

Right now, the service just operates in some Brooklyn neighborhoods, but it's looking to expand to the rest of New York, as well as other cities.

“I want to help break down the boundaries that come with being a sustainable consumer - having a delivery service that brings you local, fresh produce in reusable packaging allows shoppers to make better choices without sacrificing time or convenience,” she said. “The reusable packaging supports a shift towards a circular economy, where there is no waste involved.”