9 Zero Waste Experts to Follow on Instagram

Food in several glass mason jars

Ella Olsson / Unsplash 

Stay on track with your zero waste efforts by joining an inspiring community doing the same thing.

Instagram is a great platform for educating people about zero waste. Because it is so conducive to beautiful photography, with all that colorful, package-free produce, natural fibers, and transparent glass jars, not to mention an inherent tendency toward minimalism (which always look good on camera!), it translates marvelously to Instagram.

Zero waste images can be wonderfully inspiring for those people who are new to the idea of reducing household waste or feel like they're burning out from the effort. By following these pros online, you'll have a daily influx of guidance, not to mention the invaluable sense of belonging to a bigger community. They're a good reminder that you're not alone! (Clickable links in titles)

1. Intentionalism

Heather White is the voice behind Intentionalism, a beautiful Instagram account full of DIY tips from making homemade soy wax candles to kids' play dough to elderberry syrup. White grows much of her own food and does some canning. She told Medium: "We also forage for blackberries and glean our neighbors’ fruit trees when they have surplus."

2. Going Zero Waste

By now Kathryn Kellogg has become a prominent name in the zero waste community. She continues to post interesting, informative articles on living zero waste in a style that helps readers relate to her. For example, while talking about shopping with reusable containers, she writes:

I still get little butterflies every time I go to a new store to ask for something in my own container. My anxiety builds and I think, "What if they say no?" "Will they judge me?" "Will they think I'm weird?" Then I remind myself of the answers. You leave. Who cares? And, you're awesome! And, guess what!? I'm almost always met with, "What a great idea!" Most people are very positive and receptive to the idea of bringing your own container.

3. Wasteland Rebel

Shia, the voice behind this Insta feed, does it all. She's zero waste, plastic- and palm oil-free, minimalist, and vegan. How she does it all, I'm not sure. My favorite pictures of hers are the weekly farmers' market haul, laid out so artistically and compactly that it looks like a piece of art.

4. Zero Waste Nerd

Megean Weldon is based in Kansas City, where she lives with her husband and baby. Her zero waste journey started two years ago, and since then she has yet to put out the garbage can. On Instagram, she's running a fun 30-day challenge for January, where every day features another lifestyle change that can help reduce household waste.

5. Zero Waste Guy

The Zero Waste Guy's real name is Jonathan Levy and he lives in Los Angeles. His focus on Instagram tends to be actual waste -- usually food-related, pictures of garbage cans and Dumpsters, street litter, etc. -- as opposed to the carefully arranged jars of dried beans that dominate many a zero waste Instagram feed. This makes it different, intriguing, and educational. He gives shout-outs to progressive changes that he discovers throughout his travels, and just as many call-outs (polite, of course) to people who are not meeting his standards for environmental care.

6. Zero Waste Chef

I feel like I could scroll through this feed all day. Anne-Marie Bonneau runs her kitchen with 3 rules: No packaging. Nothing processed. No trash. She's been plastic-free since 2011. Her pictures are mostly all food-based, with stunning tableaus of colorful vegetables, sauces, homemade pastas, and fermentations. It will make your mouth water.

7. Litterless

Celia Ristow is one of those zero waste bloggers that I keep going back to. Her writing has a thoughtful depth to it that I appreciate and she tackles important topics in the process. Her Instagram feed features the clean, simple images so commonly associated with zero waste and are interactive, filled with questions for readers.

8. Girl Gone Green

Manuela Baron maintains her zero waste lifestyle while traveling the world, which is an impressive feat. She's currently living in Bali, soon to move to Kuala Lumpur, so her Instagram feed is an beautiful mishmash of travel photography and stark zero waste minimalism.

9. Zero Waste Wanderess

Kathleen Roland is an environmental advocate from Scranton, Pennsylvania. Following a zero waste lifestyle is part of her efforts to reduce environmental impact. She has also founded an online store called Simply Sustainable, which sells a range of zero waste lifestyle essentials. Her Insta feed has a political tone to it that is refreshing.