Simple steps and tips on how to live waste-free by eliminating packaging and using reusable containers to create as little trash as possible.
Myles Stubblefield stands in front of his dog training and worm business
Got Dog Poop? Let This Vermicomposting Success Story Inspire You
composition of aluminium foil, cut avocado in beeswax wrap, and berries spilled out of brown paper bag
How to Store Leftovers Without Plastic
Woman harvesting environmentally friendly fertilizer from bio waste using diy bokashi.
Bokashi Composting: Step-by-Step Guide
Pouring yellow antifreeze
Can Antifreeze Be Recycled? How to Dispose of Antifreeze Safely and Responsibly
Sicilian coffee
Why We Need to Start Drinking Coffee Like Italians
Piles of compostable plates at a buffet.
A Guide to Compostable Plates: Materials and the Correct Way to Dispose of Them
Best Electric Lighters
The 6 Best Electric Lighters of 2023
Close-Up Of Baking Soda And Vinegar On Table Against White Background
A Beginner's Guide to Plastic-Free Living: Part 2
person cleans white counter with bronner castile soap, reusable rag and spray bottle
How to Establish a Zero-Waste Cleaning Routine
A young person is composting kitchen scraps in a plastic container
What Is Bokashi Composting?
A person putting hands in a compost bin.
How to Make Compost Tea? Easy Step-by-Step Instructions
an at-home compost bin is open to reveal food scraps with white mold
Why Does My Compost Have Mold?
TVS Hero
5 Simple Ways to Make Your Wellness Routine More Sustainable
Body Shop storefront and refill sign
The Body Shop Brings Refill Stations to the United States
Crumb rubber at a tire recycling facility
Can Tires Be Recycled? Environmentally Responsible Ways to Dispose of Old Tires
Monoprix, France
France Prohibits Plastic Packaging for Most Fruits and Vegetables
homemade diy vanilla ice cream topped with sliced persimmon fruit on striped napkin
20 Foods You Can Make From Scratch to Avoid Plastic
hands hold out glass jar wrapped with twine and fir branch for eco christmas wrapping gift
Reduce Packaging Waste This Holiday Season
woman in brown sweater holds white pumpkin in front of pumpkin patch
A Quick Guide to Plastic-Free Halloween Decorations
cupped hands hold black compost soil in bare hands with flowers in background
How to Compost at Home
Is a Zero Waste Grocery Store Possible?
guy in plaid shirt holds trowel of compost in one hand and potted pot in other
14 Benefits of Composting
hands holding out brown dirt and red wiggler worms for vermicomposting
Vermicomposting: Step-by-Step Guide
woman in jeans leans over to put food scraps into diy hot compost pile
Hot Composting: Step-by-Step Guide
hands scrape food scraps from cutting board into open cold compost bin outside
Cold Composting: Step-by-Step Guide
person in red plaid shirt stands over compost bucket holding dirt with bare hands
What Is Compost?
Zero Waste Chef empamosas
The Zero Waste Chef's New Cookbook Will Help You Slash Food and Packaging Waste
Jarr delivery box with jars
This Cool Company Offers Zero Waste Grocery Delivery in Vancouver
A black woman in the shower lathers her hair.
Plaine Products Sells Shampoo in Non-Plastic, Refillable Packaging
Leaf Offers the Plastic-Free Shave You've Always Wanted
shampoo bars
Lush Shampoo Bars Are a Wonder for My Hair
Earth sub tablets in a hand
EarthSuds Makes Zero Waste Shampoo Tablets
beauty shot of various zero waste beauty supplies on large metal tray
On Creating a Zero Waste Beauty Routine
Eye shadow and blush in a bamboo makeup palette
6 Cosmetics Companies With Refillable Packaging
Switch Fresh Has Invented a Refillable, Reusable Deodorant Stick
Lush Wants You to 'Get Naked' for the Planet
Elate Cosmetics Now Offers 'Perfectly Imperfect' Packaging
POC woman shops for tomatoes in open air food market with food basket
Forget Zero Waste: Just Become a Better Shopper
woman's hands pump shower gel into reusable glass jar at zero waste store
Zero Waste Doesn't Have to Be Expensive
Package Free containers and brushes
Nordstrom and Package Free Team Up to Make the World Less Trashy
reusable coffee cup vs disposable
How to Get Started with Zero Waste Living
Cloth makeup rounds in a stack
13 Zero Waste Beauty Essentials
16 More Tips for Living Without Plastic
reusable container and bag
These Items Are the Plastic-Fighting Heroes of My Household
Cyborg Bacteria Turn Carbon Dioxide Into Chemicals and Fuels With Zero Waste
Will Balloons Be Banned?
Algramo vending machines
Algramo Makes Zero Waste Shopping Affordable and Convenient
How to Create Less Waste During the Holidays
Hunu reusable cup
This Clever Reusable Cup Will Fit in Your Pocket
Fire pit made out of a broken washing machine
5 New Uses for a Broken Washing Machine (Video)
Adult carrying a small cake with lit candles toward a table of children
How to Throw a Zero Waste Birthday Party for Your Kid
Less Waste No Fuss Kitchen book cover
'The Less Waste No Fuss Kitchen' (Book Review)
Frost on a glass jar
How to Freeze Food in Glass Jars
Old broken toys in the grass
Sustainable Solutions for Old Toys
Blocks of plastic recycled materials
No, Sweden Does Not Recycle 99 Percent of Its Waste.
Cadet Ethan Dewart works with Ugandan construction worker to build a biogas digester dome with brick and mortar
Make Your Own DIY Biogas Digester
Close Up Of Couple Returning Home From Shopping Trip Carrying Groceries In Plastic Free Bags
10 Steps for a 'Zero Waste' Shopping Routine
green cone by Compostec
The Green Cone Is a Backyard Solar Digester That Reduces 90% of Food Waste
Small jar of sun-dried tomatoes on a wooden table
8 Cooking Liquids You Shouldn't Toss

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