Z-Pitcher From Zero Water Removes Almost Everything From Your Water

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In Bottlemania, Elizabeth Royte concluded: “I come away from my investigations with at least one certainty; not all tap water is perfect. But it is the devil we know, the devil that we have standing to negotiate with and to improve."

Many of us do exactly that, eschewing bottled water but using Brita or other filters to polish it a bit, while still worrying about lead, perchlorates, antibiotics, hormones and other contaminants. Perhaps now we have a little help from the Rajan family, who have invented and produced the ZeroWater filter. It is a five-stage unit that takes almost everything out of the water- it is certified to meet the highest standards for removal of lead, iron, zinc and mercury. Although there are no standards to certify it for antibiotics, hormones and perchlorate, they tested it and it removed almost all of them as well.

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I was invited to New York to moderate a panel discussing the problems of bottled water and the importance of protecting the sources of our tap water for the media launch of the zerowater filter systems. Elizabeth Royte outlined the problems with bottled water, and while she stressed that New York water was pretty much the best there is, people still had some concerns and that 29 million Americans do not have access to decent drinking water. Alex Matthiesson, Hudson Riverkeeper and President of the advocacy group of the same name, explained where New York water comes from, and how important it is for the public to demand that its quality be preserved. Paediatrician Dr. Laura Jana explained how important it is to give kids water rather than juice or pop; Chef Andrea Beaman discussed how important it is to have pure, unadulterated food and water.

Listening to such a panel would convince anyone that a) tap is better than bottle and b) what the world needs is a good affordable and effective domestic filter. Which appears to be what Zero Filter is.

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STAGE 1 A 20 to 50 micron filter designed to remove suspended solids such as dust and rust that make your water appear cloudy.
STAGE 2 Activated carbon that is Class I rated for chlorine.
STAGE 3 A water distributor screen that also removes suspended solids.
STAGE 4 Specialty resins that reduce levels of metals such as lead, mercury, and chromium in your water.
STAGE 5 A 1 micron filter designed to removed suspended solids.

They also sell an electronic meter that measures the parts per million of dissolved solids in the water; they did a demonstration with water from around the USA before and after, where the result was invariably zero.

The unit comes in a pitcher design for forty bucks; Elizabeth Royte tried it for a few days and tested the water herself and found it far more effective than her Brita. She also noted that it takes far longer for the water to get through the filter, so plan ahead.

It also comes in a water cooler sized model, which if there is any justice in the world, should replace all of those BPA-laced polycarbonate bottles delivered in big trucks to offices everywhere.

The units are made of styrene and are BPA free, and unlike the Brita company, the filters are recycled with 95% of the material in them being reused. You just mail it back to the company when you are ordering replacements and they will credit you with the cost of the shipping against your next purchase. They are redesigning the filter so that the next model can be disassembled and refilled. They seem to have all bases covered in delivering an effective and affordable water filter. ::Zero Water

The Zero Water people brought me to New York and gave me a pitcher so I cannot be called an impartial source; I will add links to other reviews as they appear.