This Is Your Life: The Inspiring Holstee Manifesto, Printed on Elephant Dung

holstee manifesto
©. Holstee

© Holstee

I am having a hard day. At Core77 they note that "2011 has been a hard year. Global Revolution! Natural disasters! Bankruptcy! What's next?" why, 2012 of course, and all that entails. That's why I love the Holstee Manifesto that they are showing in their gift shop. Leonora showed it earlier as a card, but now it is a poster, "printed on a mid-20th century Heidelberg letterpress using 100% recycled- post consumer paper made with hydro-electric power and elephant dung!"

Holstee writes that the manifesto "continues to be a reminder of what is important in life" and sells a poster of it for $25 , although they note that " The poster sold is the words of the Manifesto (being held here), it does not include the girl in the background :)"

bigger manifesto

© Holstee

Here it is, a little bigger, without the girl in the background. More at Holstee