You Try Getting 10 Kittens to Sit Still for a Photo

We all know herding cats is difficult, but herding kittens is apparently even harder.

This man appears to be trying to line up these 10 squirmy and easily distracted kittens for a photo, but they're clearly not interested in cooperating. "There's so much to explore, human!" their actions seem to shout. "We're new to this world and would very much like to investigate what's under this couch!"

Still, it's amusing to watch the human do what he can to arrange the kittens, from trying to organize them in a line to then trying to bunch them together in the hopes that they would just disperse into something resembling a line. At one point, a kitten is stacked on top of another kitten, and neither seems sure what to do. Maybe that should've been the strategy all along.