You Know It's Hot Outside When the Traffic Lights Are Melting

Photo: Jets and Zeppelins/Flickr.

Redditor Mohayat lives in Kuwait and snapped this amazing photograph of a traffic light literally melting under the hot summer sun. a burning car (edit: turns out it was a burning car that melted the traffic light).

Melted traffic light

Here is the current weather and forecast for Kuwait.


Want to see something crazy? This is the forecast for Phoenix, Ariz.

Phoenix, Arizona

Here is Las Vegas.

Las Vegas forecast

Is the term "the oven states" a thing? Because it should be. The new reality is that the southern and western states in the U.S. are going to bake every summer. Throw in steadily declining water supplies across the region, and it's not hard to envision future population shifts to cooler and wetter states. How do you really live in a place where it's hotter than 100 degrees for more than 100 or 120 days straight?

Welcome to the new world. Thank you global warming.