You Can't Go to This Beach Without a Dog

The dogs can soak up the sun (or sit in the shade) right alongside their owners at this special dog beach in Rimini. Rimini Dog No Problem/Facebook

Plenty of beaches ban dogs and other pets, but on one Italian beach, the tables are turned.

Dogs aren’t banned at one particular stretch of the beach in Rimini, Italy — but people without dogs are.

Located on the Adriatic Sea in the region of Emilia Romagna, Rimini has more than 10 miles of beaches and only one section is turned over to the canines and their human friends. The duo who run the beach, brothers Marco and Luca Agostini, have a separate dog-free area for their human visitors — but the dog beach steals most of the buzz.

Dog? No problem

A large sign in front of the beach announces the pet policy. In large type, the English phrase: “Rimini Dog No Problem” stands out over the smaller text, which says (in Italian) "the first and only and authentic dog beach in Emilia Romagna" where people who are not there with their dog are not allowed to enter.

The Agostinis have said that they became aware that a growing number of people were asking for a pet-friendly beach. Not only did the brothers give these people a place to bring their dogs, they built a number of features that made this part of Rimini a special destination for dog lovers. Canine owners appreciate that this beach is more than just another regular human beach where dogs are tolerated.

Dogs can run free in a fenced-in agility park and play with each other while their owners look on from the outside. There are even umbrellas both inside the fences and on the beach itself so the four-legged visitors can get some shade alongside their owners if it gets too hot.

A doggy destination

The pet-centric features don’t stop there. The brothers have installed showers especially designed for dogs. Owners can rinse the sand off their pets before they leave the beach. The beach has an onsite vet and a dog-sitting service, which people can use when they want to head over to the humans-only section of the Agostinis' seaside real estate. Those who want to put some work in while they are here can take part in one of the regular behavior or training classes.

According to the brothers, the beach was designed with the help of a dog behaviorist. Rakes are on hand if visitors need to cover over urine spots. There are dishes from which the visiting dogs can drink, and fountains where the bowls can be filled.

Hotels that accept pets

These features would be pointless if people couldn’t bring their dogs to other Rimini venues. Without pet-friendly hotels, the Dog No Problem beach would pretty much be limited to locals and day-trippers. Rimini is one of Italy’s biggest beach destinations, but it is mainly used by Italians. Though international visitors do make their way here to the East Coast of Italy, the crowds of English speakers that you see in other parts of the country are largely absent. Even so, most of the tourists who come here, stay overnight.

Pets are actually allowed at a number of hotels in Rimini. Even higher-end places like the Grand Rimini Hotel and the Holiday Inn Rimini Imperiale allow dogs to stay. The choice of restaurants where dogs are welcome is not quite as widespread, but there are a few options in the Rimini area.

The Rimini Dog No Problem beach is located in Bagno 81, right along the seashore. It opens at 7 each morning.