You Can't Be an Environmentalist If...

CC BY 3.0. GFreihalter

"You can't be an environmentalist and eat meat," said the vegan as he stepped onto the plane.
"You can't be an environmentalist and drive a car," said the cyclist as she tucked into a burger.
"You can't be an environmentalist and not compost," said the gardener as he planned an extension to his house.
"You can't be an environmentalist and drive a minivan," said the Prius driver as she planned her road trip.

As the world waits to hear whether America will once again abdicate climate leadership, one thing is abundantly clear: We need a massive, international movement to speed up the transition to a low carbon economy.

And yet many environmentalists are still arguing amongst themselves about who is the greenest.

In an economy that subsidizes fossil fuels and ignores the economic impacts of pollution, relying on individuals to make sustainable lifestyle choices is never going to save us.

Shopping and voting are not the same thing. An eco-hypocrite is not the worst thing you can be. We need to think about leverage, not just footprints.

That's it. Rant over. Now excuse me, I have to go plug in my minivan.