You Can Recycle Window Blinds? Yes, You Can

Neutral blind shades partly rolled down.

Tunatura / Getty Images

Up until now, when you wanted to update your living room, or when you moved into a new place and needed to get rid of the junk that the previous tenants left, you didn't really have any options except to haul it out to the dumpster or, if they were somewhat decent, unload them on your local Goodwill. Until now.

Blinds To Go is now offering their take-back program for window blinds and it doesn't matter if you purchased your blinds from there or not, or if it's a brand that Blinds To Go carries, you can still bring them in. Blinds To Go will then make sure that the blinds are taken to a facility that can break down the blinds and recycle the different parts, or if the blinds are still functional and in good condition, they will be donated to World Vision, which will donate the blinds to families in need.

If your blinds are in decent condition, you can always pass them on to a starving student for their first apartment, or to your local resale shop. If on the other hand your dog just tore through them for the umpteenth time and they are currently lying in a mangled mess on your living room floor, then maybe this recycling program might be something worth checking out.

The Blinds To Go recycling program launched in April 2009 and most stores are reporting that they are receiving up to 50 donations for recycling per week. Each of the 107 Blinds To Go locations across the US and Canada are now accepting used blinds, so it should be easy to find a spot to discard your broken or old blinds.:Blinds To Go.