How to Turn Yourself Into a 'Peanuts' Character

Make time with your inner-child and knock out your own 'Peanuts' character with (Photo:

Place aside whatever lame adult activity you're currently involved with and take five minutes to spend a little quality time with your inner-child. You know –– the one that used to beg his or her parents to watch "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" or "A Charlie Brown Christmas!," or whatever else Peanuts-related was within reach. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, you can now spend a few minutes generating your own personal Peanuts character.

Don't mock it - it's awesome. The only thing to remember is that these are kids we're talking about, so if you're rocking a beard at the moment (as I am), you're not going to see such options from the world of Charlie Brown and gang.

Peanuts generator
The 'Peanuts' generator allows you to join the world of Charlie Brown and Co. with your very own custom character. (Photo:

That's not to say the world Charles Schulz created back in the '50s is still stuck there. For instance, I was able to accessorize my guy with a fitness tracker and some modern footwear that looks straight out of the Zappos catalog. Once you're done, you can either download your character or post it to social media.

"Charles Schulz always said there's a little bit of him in all the characters he created," "Peanuts Movie" director Steve Martino told the USA Today. "Now we've built this website in a way that everyone can have the experience of finding themselves as a Peanuts character. This is so much fun."

Have a little fun and peanutize yourself here.