Yogurt Containers Born Again as Modular Construction Toy

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Italian designer Barro de Gast's Yo'Play yogurt packaging includes at least two life cycles--and a subtle message about recycling for those TreeHugger tots out there. After you polish off the yogurt, the light-weight cups are reborn as modular construction toys. Each cup snaps together, creating hollow light 3D shapes and figures ranging from dogs, airplanes, and dolls to castles and houses. Made of monomaterial Polystyrene, the cups are fully recyclable and come with graphical illustrations to aid the creative process. The packaging's smart design recently garnered de Gast a first prize in UNESCO and design firm Felissimo's Child’s Play Design 21 design competition. Via ::Design 21: Social Design Network Also see ::Interior Design ::Eco-Toys from Finland ::Eco-Packaging" Finalist: Yeo Valley Organic Yogurt ::Dannon Removes Plastic Overcaps, Smart Move