YoYo Charger Gives Gadgets Zing With Pull of a String, While Pedal Laptop Charger Idea Has Legs

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Images via Easy Energy and YoGen

Feel like getting a little workout with your off-grid charging? The YoGen will strengthen up your forearms, charge your gadgets, and perhaps test your patience - all at once! The latest in hand-powered chargers, the YoGen generates electricity with the pull of a string. Or rather, a lot of pulls of a string.

That might seem like a whole lot of fun all on its own, but the company has something even more exciting in the pipe. They're bringing on a pedal-powered laptop charger. You'll feel like a one-man-orchestra in no time!The YoGen by Easy Energy, Inc. is a very portable hand-held charger. The company states it "produces a previously unmatched level of charging power when driven by the repeated pulling of a cord, in a way which somewhat resembles the action of a Yo-Yo."

It reminds us of the Yo-Yo iPhone charger concept, but it doesn't look quite as fun. But this is an actual product, which gives it a leg up.

Good for 5 watts, the YoGen comes with interchangeable connector tips for various types of gadgets. Though we don't see information on how many pulls it takes to fill a cell phone battery. It says it is "Rugged and tough enough to withstand constant use," which is good considering it'll probably take constant use to get a solid charge.

Guffawing aside, it does look like a great little tool to have for off-grid charging when solar isn't an option.

You can get it online after November 15th (or pre-order) for $40. It could make a great - though somewhat pricey - stocking stuffer.

Or, you can hold out for the upcoming YoGen Max that is supposedly going to be strong enough to charge laptops.

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They show a person using a laptop while charging it with pedal power, which, unless you want to get a little sea sick, probably isn't how you'll be using it. But a little leg workout while typing away could be a great idea -- but enough to power a laptop? Down a couple cups of coffee before use, and maybe your twitchy legs will do the work without your even thinking about it.

We'd love to get our hands on one of these to test it out, and see if it can really general the 60-80 watts it says it can without the user breaking a sweat, or giving up. If it works, it's sooo going on my list of how to take your laptop off-grid.

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