YKK Recycled and Biodegradable Zippers

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YKK of Japan are huge, last year having net sales of $6,300 million USD (if my currency conversions are correct). They make the zippers which appear on most quality brands the world over. Well, they do have over 250 plants in nearly 70 countries. And they have a well earned reputation for quality. It is pleasing to note that most other major multinationals YKK are making some effort to green their operations.

On the product side they offer the Natulon zipper (left) made from recycled PET polyester. Then there is the ReEarth zipper which is comprised of corn and other plant materials. Placed in an appropriate composting environment the zipper will begin to biodegrade. This image on the far right is the result of about 140 days snuggling up to soil micro-organisms.According to their 2007 environment report (PDF), the company’s Indonesian plant also recycles imperfect tape scraps into cushion material for pillows, dolls, mats. However, all may not be sweetness and light inside YKK. For example, last year the company was fined 150.3 million Euro ($235 million USD) for running a worldwide price-fixing cartel. ::YKK