20-Year-Old Permaculture Forest Garden in the Mountains (Videos)

permaculture forest garden photo
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Whether it's an awesome tour of Mike Feingold's permaculture allotment, footage of the famous Greening the Desert project in Jordan, or the BBC's discovery of forest gardening, we have seen plenty of great videos about permaculture gardens. But examples of truly mature permaculture forest gardens are few and far between—the concept is perhaps just a little too new. But the garden at Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute may just be what every permaculture garden wants to be when it grows up. Designed by Jerome Osentowski over 20 years ago, the garden at Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute is a well-established 1-acre polyculture garden that features an over-story of fruit trees, which shelter a mix of perennial and annual vegetables—many of which seed themselves, while others are planted traditional—as well as nitrogen fixing shrubs to maintain fertility. The Institute has also been a testing ground for experimental greenhouses that use a "climate battery" system to store heat in the ground to protect from cold night air.

It's a pretty impressive set up, as the videos below show. For those readers who want to create their own edibe forest garden, you might want to grab a pen and paper. The second video includes some great information about successful species and guilds that are worth taking note of.

Who knew the arid mountains could produce such abundance?