100-Year-Old Lobster Bought by Vegan Gets New Lease on Life

Public Domain. Two lobsters who weren't so lucky in a 1915 photo by Walter L. Beasley for National Geographic.

I'm always astonished when a massive lobster is caught and people want to ... EAT IT. Not to anthropomorphize or anything, but when a creature gets to be 100 years old or so, it just seems like it would be akin to eating the village elder. How can anyone eat a centenarian? Not to mention the fact that larger lobsters often result in tougher meat.

So hats off to the Nova Scotia vegan who forked over $230 to the Alma Lobster Shop in southern New Brunswick in order to liberate "King Louie," a massive 23-pound lobster that was caught be a fisherman St. Martins, N.B. Catherine MacDonald, the shop's co-owner says the 4-foot long crustacean was likely a century old.

“It’s beautiful,” MacDonald told The Globe and Mail. “For a lobster to be 23 pounds and to be that large, there was nothing else that was going to be a predator – except man.”

“This is a big, big lobster,” added MacDonald. And as of Tuesday, the big, big old guy was back home in the bay. “It went full circle,” she said. “It was released on a vessel out in the Bay of Fundy in front of the village.”