Write a Rock-Solid Recycling Proposal

How important is recycling to you?. (Photo: imordaf/Pixabay)

The first step in planning a school recycling plan is to research what, where, and how to recycle in your local area. Once you do your research, it’s time to put your plan together and present it to the school board. Your plan should also include the number of recycling bins your school will need and where they should be located. You also might need to do some eco-fundraising to raise money to purchase collection bins, create signs, and initiate the recycling program.

Spell all of this information out in a proposal and present it to your school’s principal. Your proposal should include the following sections:

  • Overview: Why bother recycling?
  • What You Can Recycle
  • Benefits of Recycling Program
  • Reduced Trash Collection Costs
  • Increased Revenue
  • Improved Community Relations
  • Costs of Recycling Program
  • Conclusion
Once you get your proposal together, it's time to present your plan to your school’s principal. Don’t take no for an answer. There is no reason why your school should not be recycling, so if your principal is hesitant, point out all of the ways this program will benefit your school, (be sure to highlight the money savers!) If the answer is still no, polish your proposal and present it at the next school board mee