Worthwhile Canadian Initiative: The Virtual Bike Lane

via. Vadim Rodnev / Shutterstock.com

Thanks to the Bike Lane Bouncers for showing how it's done.

Back in the 80s, editor Michael Kinsley of the New Republic decided that the most boring headline ever written was "Worthwhile Canadian Initiative". And now, finally, there is a Canadian Initiative that lives up to the headline: The Virtual Bike Lane.

They are dealing with a common problem: What do you do when someone parks in the bike lane? If you are on a bike, you often have to stop and wait for a break in the traffic to go out into the car lane to go around the car.

The Bike Lane Bouncers, all dressed up in High Viz and armed with traffic cones, take a different approach; they stop the car traffic and create a special, temporary bike lane around the car. Drivers in the car lane can wait for an opportunity to pass, or just wait and honk, as they seem to be doing here. They are also getting a little taste of what it feels like to have someone park in the bike lane, although without the danger that cyclists face every time they have to deal with this problem.

So, congratulations for this Worthwhile Canadian Initiative to the Bike Lane Bouncers on Bloor Street in Toronto.