Worldwide Shortage of Solar Panels

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Solar power is hot! Maybe too hot... Worldwide demand for solar panels being higher than the available supply (silicon suppliers can't keep up), prices have been going up and it has been getting increasingly hard to find stores that are not backordered in solar power equipment. "I get them in and they are sold before I get them in the warehouse [...] A 120-watt Kyocera photovoltaic module (solar panel) from Japan that was about $400 several years ago now sells on sale for about $550, if you can find one". One of the reasons for the higher demand is pro-solar initiatives in Germany and California (we talked about the Million Solar Roofs initiative here), where many of the panels are currently sold. People looking to take the clean-energy plunge should probably take a look at micro-wind, as it doesn't seem that there's a shortage of wind turbines.

::Solar Power is Hot -- Too Hot