World's Oldest Married Couple Celebrate Their 80th Wedding Anniversary

They celebrated their 80th anniversary with family and friends.
John and Charlotte Henderson have a combined age of over 212 years. Longhorn Village Senior Living

John and Charlotte Henderson were named the world's oldest living couple by Guinness World Records. Now, they're preparing to commemorate another incredible milestone.

On Dec. 22, the two lovebirds will celebrate their 80th wedding anniversary.

John, 106, and his 105-year-old wife, Charlotte, decided to recreate their first date, complete with a 1920s roadster as part of the festivities.

Of course, John didn't forget a bouquet of flowers to complete the nostalgic occasion.

John and Charlotte met in 1934 during a class at the University of Texas. John is also the oldest living former University of Texas football player.

The two eventually got married in 1939. And now, 80 years later, family and friends are gathering at their home in Longhorn Village in Austin, Texas to go through photos and relive cherished memories.

The two met at the University of Texas.
These are photos of John and Charlotte celebrating their marriage this year and a few years previously. Longhorn Village Senior Living Community

So what's the secret to a long and successful marriage?

At the party earlier this month, John told told reporters that the key is to "Take every day in stride. Try to make tomorrow a better day than today." He also said it's important to take care of your spouse and to live life in moderation.

Now that's advice that can truly stand the test of time.

They are the oldest married couple in the world.
John and Charlotte in the 1940s. Longhorn Village Senior Living Community