This Is by Far the World's Most Adorable Squid

Stubby squid, such as this purple beauty, can be found in depths up to 4,400 feet. (Photo: Nautilus E/V)

While the ocean is full of strange and horrifying creatures (like this giant, nightmare-fueling, deep-sea bug), it also occasionally shows off those species of the more huggable variety.

Case in point, this overwhelmingly adorable “googly-eyed” stubby squid recently spied by the E/V Nautilus. Like something out of an animated Pixar movie, the purple cephalopod was discovered while the Nautilus was performing a survey of the ocean floor off the California coast.

“They look like googly eyes ... It looks so fake!” one researcher exclaims in the video. “It’s like some little kid dropped their toy.”

Stubby squid (Rossia pacifica) live for about two years and are generally nocturnal, spending the daytime hours buried in sand with only their bulbous eyes exposed. According to the Nautilus team, while they look like a cross between an octopus and squid, stubby squid are more closely related to cuttlefish.

You can check out the team's interaction with this googly-eyed specimen below: