World's First Double Decker Electric Bus, Now in Service

©. BYD

I've said it before. While electric cars are cool, electric buses are awesome. So that must mean that double decker electric buses are pretty much amazing.

Londoners, at least, can now find out.

The Independent reports that Transport for London has just launched what it believes to be the first fully electric double decker bus anywhere in the world. Built by BYD in China, the bus features 180 miles of range and will typically be charged at night.

The move comes as part of a broader effort to radically slash air pollution in the UK capital. From the building of cycling superhighways (and a significant subsequent shift from driving to biking) to range-extended London cabs, significant groundwork is being laid to improve the city's air quality, reduce carbon emissions and the consumption of fossil fuels.

Given what we learned when bus drivers went on strike, switching London's buses to electric should go a significant way toward moving things forward. With all single decker buses due to be zero emission by 2020, and now a double decker model that meets the same high standards, I expect London's air to be a whole lot cleaner ten years from now.