You Try and Clean Up a Panda Enclosure With a Bunch of Pandas in There

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Sometimes, it seems like you can never get any work done. Maybe you're feeling a little sluggish, or maybe more and more tasks just keep piling up on your desk. Or maybe you're surrounded by panda cubs who just want to play and not let you do your job.

Such is the adorable — if exasperating — problem that panda keeper Mei Yan of Chengdu Research Base in China faces each day as she cleans the panda habitat. Yan can't even get in the door to the habitat without a rush of pandas blocking the entrance. And they're not too distracted by the pink broom she throws over the glass dividers, either. Obviously, they are onto Yan's tricks.

Once she's in the habitat, most of the pandas decide to find something else to do. Two, however, opt to stick around with Yan to make her job of gathering dry leaves as difficult as possible. They keep trying to climb into the basket or onto the pail ... this task just isn't getting done today.

While Yan is occasionally successful in distracting and shooing away the cubs, they always come back and mess up her hard work. Yan never seems to get all that frustrated with the little cubs, but then again, how could she? They're just so darn cute!