Woolly Pocket Garden Company Combines Plants, Recycling, and Nudity for Fantastic Botanical Design

woolly pocket gardening system photo
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Recycled Plastic Holders Make Easy Instant Gardens
"No woolly mammoths were harmed in the making of your Woolly Pockets," boasts the website of the Woolly Pocket Garden Company. Instead, these breathable, flexible and modular planters are made from recycled plastic bottles and can be either wall mounted or placed directly on the ground. Click below the fold for more details on how to create your own living wall, and some of the best product photography I've seen in a long time. Lloyd has noted before how beautiful buildings with living walls can be, and has posted on do-it-yourself ELT Living Wall Kits. But Woolly Pocket's gardening systems look like they are just about as easy as it can possibly be to create green, luscious plantscapes in the tightest of horizontal or vertical spaces. Here's what they reckon you need to create your own living wall:

Here's what you'll need:
- A wall or other vertical space
- Woolly Wallys + wall anchors, one for each Woolly Wally grommet
- An electric drill, screwdriver, tape measure, level, blue masking tape and a pen
- All purpose indoor/outdoor potting soil
- Garden shovel and pail
- An assistant and about 2 hours of time

Sadly, you have to find your own assistants - the models do not come with the pockets. But here are a few more pictures of Woolly Pockets in action:

woolly pocket gardening system photo
woolly pocket gardening system photo
woolly pocket gardening system photo