Woodland Creatures Build Snowmen, Toss Snowballs in Photographer's Winter Playground

If these squirrels aren't trying to build a snowman, what are they doing?. (Photo: Vadim Trunov)

Russian photographer Vadim Trunov is known for his captivating photos of wildlife. When the snow falls, Trunov takes to the great outdoors to capture images of squirrels, other rodents and birds.

The animals explore the scenes he creates — dining on the snowman's carrot nose or playing catch with walnut-filled snowballs. Trunov will occasionally leave out some trinkets, like a camera or a microphone, and watch as the woodland creatures explore these fascinating finds.

Take a look at Trunov's snowy work below and check out his website, where you'll also see his work from less wintry days, photographing lizards and snails perched on mushrooms and squirrels collecting baskets of flowers.

Well hello there, bird. (Photo: Vadim Trunov)
Not to be rude, but what are you, exactly?. (Photo: Vadim Trunov)
This looks like a game of catch with a snowball, but we suspect there is a nut involved. (Photo: Vadim Trunov)
There's something delightful about this snowman's nose. (Photo: Vadim Trunov)
Curious creatures check out the equipment. (Photo: Vadim Trunov)
These curious critters are fascinated by their new frozen friend. (Photo: Vadim Trunov)
Squirrels do gymnastics while juggling a pinecone. (Photo: Vadim Trunov)
A rodent poses for a snapshot with his snowball — his moment in the sun. (Photo: Vadim Trunov)
A meeting of the minds in a covert location. (Photo: Vadim Trunov)