Wood Stoves From Rammed Earth

lehmo stove intro image
Migrated Image

What a fabulous idea: wood stoves made from rammed earth.

lehmo stove freestanding image

Like many of the Finnish soapstone stoves we have shown, the great virtue is that the thermal mass holds the heat for hours, moderating it and radiating it all night long. Once the thing is hot it goes forever on very little wood.

lehmo divider photo

And dirt is cheap, these could probably be built for a fraction of the cost of the soapstone ones. Rammed Earth is For Everyone tells us that "In Austria, Bertram and Harald Müller of Müller Ofenbau have teamed with Martin Rauch of LEHM TON ERDEto create Lehmo."

..But it won't be long before someone is doing it over here, it is such a good idea.