Woman Quits Job to Knit Sweaters for Rescue Dogs

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Jan Brown has spent more than 4,000 hours knitting sweaters for doggies in need. (Photo: Knitted With Love/Facebook)

As an avid knitter, Jan Brown loved to knit sweaters for her greyhounds. And when she realized how much they liked them, she started knitting sweaters for rescued dogs so that they could feel the handmade love too. Roughly 4,000 hours and hundreds of sweaters later, Brown has quit her job to dedicate her time to making sweaters for pooches in need.

Brown, a mom of three from the U.K., told the Daily Mirror, "I can't think of anything I would rather do than knit woolly clothing for dogs. I have spent over 4,000 hours knitting but it's all worthwhile when I see them sporting their new jumpers and hats."

Unlike dogs with thick coats, greyhounds have very thin fur and are extremely susceptible to the cold in winter.

"Making coats and jumpers for these dogs saves the rescue homes a lot of money that can be better spent saving more dogs off the streets and feeding them," Brown noted.

Brown says she spends nearly all of her time knitting and sewing sweaters for dogs. So in 2013, her husband suggested that she quit her job as a caregiver so that she could spend more time knitting. And that's just what she did. Brown launched Knitted With Love and now sells her handmade sweaters and hats around the world. But any profit she makes from these sales goes toward buying materials so that she can knit more sweaters for rescue centers.

But whether they are going to a paying client or to animal shelter, one thing is always the same. Brown adds a special touch to every sweater she knits — a small heart sewn in the back to honor the dogs who didn't make it off the streets.

Now that's knitting with love.