Woman Paddleboards Across England, Documents Disgusting Things in Canals

CC BY 2.0. Kevin Krejci

Lizzie Carr likes being outdoors. And she doesn't much care for the litter.

So she's just undertaken a rather epic journey, paddleboarding the entire length of England, and documenting the sorry state of the country's canals and waterways in the process. As detailed in an interview over at The Guardian, Carr traveled over 400 miles in 22 days.

And while the physical exertion of such an arduous journey took its toll, she was also left disturbed by just how much trash is dumped into the canals that she traveled along. Among the finds, apparently, were 1,600 plastic bottles, 850 plastic bags, 40 soccer balls, 24 toys, seven pacifiers, a pair of traffic cones and a trash can lid. If you're so inclined, you can check out her journey—including many of her grim discoveries—over at her website.

Of course, photographing trash is not going to make that trash go away. But there is something to be said for forcing society tolook at all the junk that we are dumping into our surroundings.

In many ways, this reminds me of #Litterati—a project to crowdsource a "digital landfill" online, revealing what is being thrown away where and encouraging us all to pay attention to the litter that we too often take for granted.