Woman Charms Bird With Lovely Lullaby

We've long prized birds for their tunes, which conjure up a sense of joy, no matter the environment. That birds would care for our singing, however, is not something we would have ever guessed.

Gabrielle Lima, a woman in São Paulo, Brazil, discovered that birds may enjoy our singing voices. Or at least one bird really likes to listen to Lima sing, anyway.

The tiny bird perches itself on Lima's finger and doesn't seem interested in leaving. Lima began to sing to it like she was Snow White, a reference Lima herself makes in the Instagram post. Roughly translated, the caption reads, "Snow White passing by to say good night."

And so she sings the bird a lullaby. It's a soothing tune, and as Lima continues to sing, the bird's bead falls agape, seemingly enchanted by the song.

But maybe this interspecies concert shouldn't be too surprising. A 2014 study published in Science found that song-learning birds and humans share the same gene expression when it comes to learning how to vocalize. Perhaps Lima's singing voice resonated with the genes in this little bird, speaking to it's inner nature.