When This Wolf Howls, Mother Nature Claps (Video)

Zephyr the Black Wolf
A captive-born gray wolf at the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC).

Wolf Conversation Center / YouTube Video screen capture

The howl of magnificent Zephyr at NY's Wolf Conservation Center gets Mother Nature's attention.

When my daughters were younger, we had the opportunity to have a sleepover for a Sleeping with Wolves night at the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, New York. It was one of the best things we have ever done – camping out in the presence of these mighty creatures, and waking up in the middle of the night to crazy choruses of howling wolves, is something that none of us will ever forget.

The center is really wonderful. Most of their critically endangered 22 Mexican gray wolves and 21 red wolves live within the WCC's Endangered Species Facility. This is an expansive enclosure of woods and meadow that is completely private and secluded – these wolves can not be seen by the public (though they sure can be heard). "Wolves in the wild are naturally afraid of people so the WCC staff follows a protocol to have minimal human contact with the Mexican wolves," notes the center. "This will ensure they have a greater probability of being successful if they are released into the wild as part of the recovery plan."

But for the sake of education and public awareness, the WCC has four "ambassador wolves" that live in an area that can be seen by the public. Here the center teaches the public about wolves and their vital role in the environment. "Through wolves, the WCC teaches the broader message of conservation, ecological balance, and personal responsibility for improved human stewardship of our World," states the center. And I have to agree – seeing them in person gave my daughters and me a tremendous amount of appreciation for animals of which before we had only seen in photos. I am pretty sure that I am now eternally smitten with wolves.

I follow the WCC on Twitter (@nywolforg) – and it always makes my day. This afternoon, as it's raining and storming in the New York region, they shared a clip of beautiful ambassador Zephyr. He is so fantastic that I had to share him further – so here he is, in all of his wolf magnificence. Make sure the volume is on.