Wiping Away Carbon Emissions

Discover what the CO2 emissions are for toilet paper through Tesco. (Photo: Dean Hochman/Flickr)

Want to know exact amount of greenhouse gas emissions generated in the production of a single roll of toilet paper? If you’re a shopper at Tesco, the UK-based mega-retailer, you’ll soon have access to that info whether you like it or not.

ClimateBiz blogger Tilde Herrera reports that Tesco, in partnership with The Carbon Trust, will extend a carbon footprint labeling system to the company’s selection of house brand toilet paper and paper towels this summer. The Carbon Reduction Label tracks emissions throughout a product’s entire lifecycle, educating consumers in hopes that they make environmentally wise purchasing choices.

For the past year on a trial basis, Tesco has been applying the innovative labels to household staples like light bulbs and laundry detergent as well as edibles such as orange juice and potatoes.

I love the idea — too bad stateside big boxers like Target or Walmart don’t have similar programs since many, myself included, tend to go the generic route when purchasing items like toilet paper.

And FYI: Each sheet of Tesco’s recycled content “loo roll” is responsible for 1.1g of CO2 emissions while each sheet of the non-recycled Tesco TP carries a carbon footprint of 1.8g.

Via [ClimateBiz]