Winsun 3d-Prints the World's Ugliest Bus Stop

©. Winsun

But it is the technology that counts.

Winsun is a pioneer in 3D printing of buildings; previously I declared them the winner in the race to build the first 3D printed house. They have really interesting technology, where they print the building on its side and then tilt it up; this has significant advantages because walls and ceilings and roofs can all be printed the same way.

office future exterior

© Dubai Media OfficeIn Dubai, they used this to build a lovely little office building.

end view

© Winsun

Now they have used it to build a really ugly bus stop. It has no sides for weather protection, and a big single step up to trip the old folks. From their carefully translated press release:

On the surface of the frame, there are traces of original "inks" made by 3D printing machine ink nozzles. It is said that the gray "ink" trace is a mean to express nature by high-end luxury brands. The raw materials of gray traces comes from recycled waste materials, which is integrated with Fengjing ancient town. The passengers seem to be getting used to the 3D printing bus stop. A passenger interviewed by our reporter said she did not know it is a 3D printing bus stop and did not see the construction process.
prnted web

© WinSun via 3Drs

But it does show the truss design -- an open web joist structure made out of recycled construction waste, mixed with cement and squirted out of a gun. The decision to go tilt-up was the great creative leap here; everyone else is squirting out walls and then building relatively conventional roofs.

Winsun washrooms

© Winsun

But Winsun also does that, as seen in these 3D printed washrooms, where you can see the layers going horizontal. They explain that this will be a new business for them:

It designs a 3D printing scenic public toilet, so long as the hoisting can complete the construction of public toilets of a scenic spot overnight, and realize the automatic recycling of faeces, without contaminating the environment; the toilets are all designed by world-renowned designers. Winsun is committed to becoming the global largest company that builds 3D printing public toilet.
empty bus stop

© Winsun

And apparently, this little thing is just the first step in a larger project. Winsun founder Ma Yihe is quoted in a 3D printing site with a better translation program that, besides the bus shelter, the company has submitted plans for a 3D printed village office, multi-functional space, coffee shop, hotel, public toilet, bank self-service kiosk, co-habitational house and police post. “We are committed to achieving perfect integration between industry, culture and art,” said Ma. “Winsun aims to benefit people with technology innovation and it is committed to achieving this mission.”

And it all starts with an ugly bus stop. Hat tip to Designboom.