Natura Carmenere: A Big Wine From Chile That Doesn't Have a Big Price

I’ve been drinking Natura Carmenere for a few months now, and it’s time I told you about this wine. It’s a wonderful bold red made with 100-percent organically grown grapes. It’s a blend of 85 percent Carmenere and 15 percent Syrah.

I've had it with BBQ’d ribs, and it was a nice pairing. Last night, I took it to The Tortilla Press for a dinner with some friends, suspecting that it would be a nice complement to the Chiles Rellenos I already knew I was going to order. I was right. It’s also fine right from the bottle; it’s not a wine that must be paired with food to be enjoyed.

This is one of my new favorite go-to wines because it’s dry, bold and slightly spicy. The price can’t be beat, either. I get it for about $10 a bottle, depending on where I buy it.

Natura is one of the organic wine labels from the Emiliana Organic Vineyards in Chile. In addition to being made with 100 percent organic grapes, Natura wines (as well as Emiliana’s other wines) are created with sustainable measures. Corks that come from Forest Stewardship Council certified forests, glass bottles that are lighter than traditional bottles, and tractors fueled with biofuels are just a few of the Emiliana's sustainability efforts.

If you're looking for an environmentally friendly, bold red with a great price, give Natura's Carmenere a taste.

Wine, beer, and spirits disclaimer: I'm not paid by any producer of wine, beer or spirits to write about their product, although they may provide me with a sample of their product. I'm not a professional reviewer of wine, beer or spirits. I’ll write about the product if it’s something that I like and if I think the producer is working toward making the product in an environmentally friendlier fashion.