Wine-Infused Coffee Blurs the Wine O'Clock Rule

Coffee first. Then wine. Unless it's wine-infused coffee. (Photo: Lamppost Collective/Shutterstock)

Data has proven that wine o'clock exists. Wine o'clock — that moment during the day when it becomes acceptable to drink wine — is fluid.

On a Sunday, it may be 11 a.m. when brunch begins, but on a Tuesday, it may not be until 5:30 p.m., when your work is done. The fact that wine o'clock exists suggests that many people have a dividing line between the hours when they can drink wine (or other alcohol) and when they can't. Often, those "other" hours are occupied by another beverage: coffee.

Aside from water, I drink more coffee and wine than anything else, but I drink them separately and try to abide by the wine o'clock rule if I'm not drinking wine for professional reasons. But now some crazy rule breaker has blurred the lines between when coffee time and wine time by creating wine-infused coffee.

coffee wine meme
Coffee keeps me going meme.

Molinari Private Reserve, a cafe in Napa Valley, creates wine-infused coffee by roasting coffee beans with wine, reports Best Products. The result is a drink that tastes like coffee "with a hint of blueberry," but smells like wine. The alcohol level in the coffee is next to nothing, but this coffee seems to be the stuff dreams are made of, if the coffee/wine memes that litter my Facebook feed are to believed.

Granted, I'm connected to many wine professionals on Facebook, so perhaps I have more coffee/wine memes in my feed than other people. But, I've noticed my non-wine friends frequently posting these images with pithy commentary, too.

The coffee-wine connection

wine coffee meme
some people ask.

There are two reasons why I drink coffee. The first is the pure physiological need to be able to function in the morning and form full sentences for my kids as they're getting read for school. It's practical. My second cup, though, is for pure enjoyment. Once the boys are gone in the morning, I pour myself a second cup, inhale its aroma, and savor it for a few minutes before getting to work. On a weekend morning, I may take it up to my room with some reading material and ease myself into the day.

coffee wine life coaches meme

There are many reasons why I drink wine, but two of them are similar to why I drink coffee. Sometimes, I'll drink a glass of wine to wind down, the physiological reason. Unlike coffee, though, I don't drink wine every day, Sometimes at the end of a long day, however, a glass can help me relax. I also drink wine for pure enjoyment. I love the whole experience of drinking wine, from the pop of the cork to my last sip.

The sheer number of coffee/wine memes floating around out there makes me pretty certain that coffee and wine are the go-to beverages for many people, depending on what time of day it is.

But if too many people get their hands on this wine-infused coffee, we will all be messing with the whole wine o'clock time continuum.

How will we know whether to work or to relax?